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The O'HareThere has been some controversy over The Screaming O's many “silicone” products. After being sent to a lab for testing, it was revealed that some products they labeled as “silicone” were actually anything but. The company has since publically apologized, and they are currently working on remarketing these products. Because of this controversy, I was, understandably skeptical about the legitimacy of my O'hare. In response, I did what any other concerned reviewer would, I preformed a flame test and determined that yes this product is 100% silicone. Fortunately, this product is body safe, but this controversy is still an important reminder to be sure of the legitimacy of your silicone before using it on your body.

Now we know it's safe we can move on to the fun stuff! The O'hare is a vibrating cock ring with a removable bullet. It has been “designed to stimulate the clitoris” but it seems to have been done so by someone with zero knowledge of human anatomy. The design of this toy truly puzzles me. I can just imagine some clueless guy standing up in a boardroom and suggesting, “a rabbit shaped cock ring BUT designed so that the ears point AWAY from the clitoris.”

I'm frustrated because this could have been a great toy. The bullet is quite strong, has 3 speeds, a pulse setting, and is removable. This also makes the silicone portion of the fake pussy boilable and dishwasher safe.

I want to love this toy because cheap, body safe, vibrating cock rings are hard to come by. Unfortunately, it just didn't stimulate me at all.

Despite my poor experience, there are still some situations for which I would recommend this toy. If you're not looking for clitoral stimulation, it is a good quality silicone cock ring. It even comes with a decent multifunction bullet vibe. The bullet runs through batteries pretty quickly, but at least the toy comes with replacements. Overall it's actually a pretty good deal for the price, but if you're expecting the O'hare to stimulate your clitoris during sex, you will be sorely disappointed. I also wouldn't recommend using this with girthier partners. It can be a bit of a tight fit.