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Hi! I’m John, an early 30s living on ten acres in the Midwest.

I created this blog to speak wildly & deliriously about my misadventures in sexuality and appraise the various implements I use in the process.

I only review toys that are body-safe, to the best of my knowledge. If they aren’t body-safe, and I’m writing about them for their novelty factor (such as vintage toys), I will make that very clear.

I’m not going to waste your time describing a toy’s packaging ad nauseam, unless I’m over the moon impressed by it, in which case I’ll include a photo.

As we are all the experts of our own bodies, I don’t expect to be able to ascertain what toys will work for you, but I do hope to spark some interest in discovering what will.

I do my very best to avoid exaggerating a toy’s virtues or downplaying its flaws, but as I mentioned above, objectivity in reviewing is impossible due to our unique physiologies and psychologies.

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