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Tenga Party EggI was pretty excited by the Dance egg, and finally had time to get around to the Party egg!

What Is The Tenga Party Egg?

The little folks? They’re silver and partying their asses off.

Tenga’s whole egg line is series of pocket pussies designed for a single use. The Party and Dance are both part of a Keith Haring inspired line, incorporating his simple yet often gorgeous and colorful artwork into both the cellophane wrap holding the egg closed before use, and the designs themselves into the texture inside the egg.

Well... How Do I Use The Tenga Party Egg?

Read the label, pull the strip, remove the cellophane, crack the egg, pull the tube-y out, squirt the lube pouch in egg, and get to beating that egg folks!

It’s just that simple (no, really…).

What’s The Egg Made Of?

Egg stuff. Specifically, Tenga egg stuff. Tenga has some bad ass TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) going on and they use different formulas for different toys (the Flip Holes are a more resilient blend that lasts longer).

The shell is polypropylene, but of no consequence. You won’t be fucking the shell, after all.

The lube in the pouch contained inside the Tenga Party Egg contains:

Water, Glycerin, Polyacrylate Na, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, and Methylparaben… If you have issues with parabens, you can certainly swap out another water based lube at your own discretion.

Can The Party Egg Handle My Whole Cock?

Short of being very well endowed, the egg can take all you’ve got and probably a bit more. It’s recommended to pinch the tip (as you would on a condom, to give a bit of room) of the egg and use plenty of lube, but the Party Egg stretched more than enough.

My Experience With The Tenga Party Egg

What can I say… I cracked the egg and set out to make an orgasm happen. The texture inside the egg matches the cello-wrap on the outside, but I couldn’t get it to show up well in a picture this time (nonetheless, it is there). Just as with the Tenga Dance egg, the Party is recommended for both twisting and basic stroking…

I liked twisting, stroking, and stroking while twisting. I used the whole pouch of lube, so there was a bit of a mess and the outside of the egg did get pretty slick (some texture on the outside would help here) but overall it was very enjoyable. The material is really stretchy and warms up pretty quickly. I came fairly quick (and hard) with the Party egg, and I still think the Tenga eggs are pretty fucking great.

Overall Opinion Of The Tenga Keith Haring Party Egg


I really do love the Tenga eggs. They are a great little way for men to explore and learn, though the textures I’ve tried (the Party and Dance) feel pretty much the same in use. At $10ish dollars a pop depending on where you buy them, they are quite pricey as a single time use toy but with proper care you can likely get 3 or 4 uses from each one. The Party egg feels good, is easy to clean, and worth a look if you just want to try something. However, there are better options that will last substantially longer available (the Tenga 3-D sleeves come to mind) if you’d like a more long lived product.