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Tenga FlipAre you looking for an item that can help you satisfy your sexual needs while you are alone? Well, it is about time you meet the Tenga Flip! This male masturbator is one of a kind and is made of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), full of varying textures and can just swing open completely for cleaning. By observing proper care, it is expected that you can use it about 50 times.

Called “onacup” in Japan, the Tenga Flip is a Japanese sex jar for men. Yes, you heard it right - a jar! Thus, you have to unpack and open it up. You will find inside a mass of silicone, which is strangely shaped and knurled, with an opening at the bottom. It is clad in hard plastic and has 3 knobs on its side that allow for some kind of marionette-like method to pump the plastic inside. Plus, it also a fake hymen. Wonderful!

As mentioned above, the textures of the Tenga Flip are varied in order to provide you with different sensations from anything else on the tip of your penis. Just to compare, the pleasure aspect of this device seems similar to that of the Tenga Egg, but with a more textured sensation, which is definitely better than your hand. Compared to sex? Well, you would say it is apples and oranges. Though it does not feel as good as having an actual intercourse, this masturbator can definitely give a pleasurable, but completely different, feeling. After all, vaginas are not as textured as this product.

To use the Tenga Flip, you have to open it up and place the right quantity of lubricant, which comes in various styles as “Cool Ranch”, “Mild” and “Wild”, inside and close it. Then, introduce your penis into the hole at its bottom, passing the freaking fake hymen, and manipulate the device until you resolve your issue, I mean shoot your load. Afterwards, you can just wash it out and (if you like) go eat a candy bar.

While you can do your own methodology in using the Tenga Flip, let me tell you that this is what sex will be like when we will be colonized by machines. We, men, will be provided with such a device to produce genetic samples or material, which will then be pre-screened and processed genetic defects, such as free will, by our would-be robot overlords. The final products will be sent to female-insemination fields, where the next generations of bio-battery will be cultured and grown. This fake pussy toy is what robots would think how sex feels like - that is well engineered, efficient and decidedly unnatural!

Now going back to reality, the Tenga Flip comes in 2 models: the re-usable and disposable. For the disposable model, it contains lubricant and, of course, is a one-time use device, which is something I personally cannot overlook, considering the carbon footprint created from waxing my dolphin inside a plastic jar and then throwing it away. All in all, I would recommend using a lot of lubricant, as the sex toy is really a tight squeeze even for those who are poorly endowed of a small penis.

Would this be an amazing experience for you? So, if you are all alone, feeling lonely and wanting to give your palm girlfriend a rest, you already know what to do. Get yourself the Tenga Flip and brace for a great time from doing what you need to get by. Different strokes for different folks.

Now, it is official - you had sex with a jar!