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Tenga Egg DanceI’ve wanted to add some more options for those with a little less to spend on sex implements, and the Tenga Eggs are definitely in an affordable price bracket.

What Is The Tenga Egg Keith Haring Dance?

It’s a little egg shaped masturbator! It comes in a hard plastic egg, wrapped in bright, colorful cellophane and looks more like something you’d find in a Easter basket than in a box of sex enhancers. What’s the point, you ask?

To offer a safe option(as compared to jelly strokers and the like) for the penis possessing folks looking to get off on the cheap!

You see… a lot of orgasm aids are made of nasty, vile materials laden with chemicals that can burn the hell out of your genitals!

While Tenga doesn’t make non-porous items for the male bodied, they do make strokers and artificial vaginas that are phthalate free and recognized as both some of the safest and most fun options for the phallus-endowed amongst us.

What’s The Tenga Egg Made Of?

The outer shell, that holds the actual masturbator, is made of polypropylene. The part that matters, the masturbator egg, is made of phthalate free thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), a material that is one of the safest of the porous materials out there.

How Big Is The Dance Egg?

I don’t have an example handy to show a picture for comparison, but it’s about the same size as the commercial candy filled eggs available in markets around Easter. It’s small enough to fit just about anywhere, and the inner egg (the actual masturbator) is super stretchy.

How Do I Take Care Of The Tenga Dance Egg?

Well, Tenga states very explicitly that the egg is for one time use only. However, you can (with care) use the egg and rinse it very well (It’s not recommended, but warm water and a very gentle soap are okay) and then turn the masturbator inside out on the hard shell to dry. There are no guarantees here, but most folks find that each egg can be used several times before getting stretched or destroyed beyond use. I agree that for most folks, something that’s $10ish bucks is a bit pricey for a single use.

The egg comes packaged with a little lube pouch, which is perfectly safe for use with the masturbator (obviously). If you decide to clean and re-use the egg masturbator though (no doubt many will), I recommend using water based lubes only!

As for storage, which you’ll no doubt want to do if you plan to use it more than once, I can’t recommend keeping the hard egg shell as a case. Not only can it be used for drying the egg, it also holds the egg once dry until you need to use it again.

Instructions For Using The Tenga Dance Egg

It’s fairly straight forward:

  • Grab the little pulltab, and pull it downward
  • And then peel the cellophane off…
  • Upon opening, you’ll see the actual masturbator. It has a plastic tube-y thing with a packet of lube inside.
  • Pull the little tab on the plastic thing, and it pops out. Then, you simply open the lube, squirt it inside, and get to stroking or twisting as you please.

My Experience With The Tenga Keith Haring Dance Egg

When I actually opened the egg, I was let down. The egg looked boring and blah, but when I turned it inside out, I could see and feel the internal pattern. It’s literally the same pattern that is on the cellophane wrap, but instead it’s raised.

Tenga calls the material “Realistic Feel” in its promotional materials, but it doesn’t feel quite real once it’s lubed up and slipped over the head. It feels pretty good, and the material was more than stretchy enough to cover my whole shaft. It could have even gone a bit further!

The only thing I’m not a fan of with this Tenga Egg?

The outside of the egg can get really frigging slippery, to the point that it’s hard to keep a good grip without squeezing so hard that the textures inside are completely obliterated.

Twisting it felt okay by itself, as did stroking… But when I did long, slow, twisting strokes?

Amazing. Really fucking amazing. I enjoyed the hell out of this Tenga Egg!

Overall Opinion Of The Tenga Keith Haring Dance Egg


I’m pretty pleased with the Tenga Dance Egg, and its price even though it is a bit pricey for single use. For about four times as much money, you can get the Tenga 3D masturbators that made for lots of use and abuse, and I personally think they look cooler. The Dance egg feels good, is stealthy enough for travel (not to mention small), and not an overtly sexist design like so many of the masturbator options for male bodied folks these days. I had to take away a few points for the material being porous, but otherwise I can’t recommend the Tenga Dance Egg enough for anyone looking to explore and masturbate in new ways, especially on a tight budget.