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The Jessica Sanders Unit

Jessica Sanders Perfect Fake VaginaThe package arrived discretely, and after you gave the mailman a wink and a tip of your hat, you knew what time it was: business.

Who knows exactly how much money you’ve spent on fake pussies and other stimulation devices - none of which have gotten the job done - thus far. But that’s not important now. What is important is that you concentrate and truly seize the moment while using your new, highly rated artificial pussy.

The candles are lit, the house is locked up, there’s some tough music playing in the background to get you fired up and you’ve already applied the lube: ALL SYSTEMS ARE GO.

Except your device isn’t on the same page. In addition to feeling entirely unrealistic, your newest pussy investment is difficult and simply unenjoyable to use. Distraught, misled, and upset, you stare at your archrival: Mr. Hand. It looks as though you two won’t be ending this part of your relationship quite yet.

This story probably hits a little too close to home for many readers, and does well to illustrate the ever-true idea that finding a quality fake pussy or stimulation device is incredibly difficult. But incredibly difficult doesn’t mean impossible, as I found with the Jessica Sanders Perfect Fake Vagina.

Let’s start with some excellent news: the absolutely incredible-looking vagina of the stunning Jessica Sanders feels just as you would expect - and maybe even better. The work of Jessica, along with her elite team of designers and assistants, has resulted in a product that encompasses everything great about her nether region: tightness, softness, moistness, and equally as important, durability.

I’ve logged a few casual sessions (49.5, to be exact) with my Jessica Sanders unit, and I can wholeheartedly say that it will hold up through this extensive use without issue, just like its real-life counterpart. If you’re concerned about longevity and maximizing your value, you’ll be happy to know that the Jessica Sanders Perfect Fake Vagina has you covered.

So it feels and looks real, and can withstand a considerable amount of use: what else sets it apart? (undeniably some readers are asking this)

And it’s a viable question, in today’s ultra-advanced sex toy and adult-entertainment market; quite a few fake pussies and modeled vaginas already look and feel like this (although, to be fair, none of these other products use the real vagina of Sanders as a mold!).

The Jessica Sanders Perfect Fake Vagina earns its title and smashes the competition by staying well-put due to its weight. A common complaint made by customers of the softest and most intricate fake vaginas around is their tendency to move during usage - a byproduct of their light weight.

If this has affected you at all in the past, you may want to think even harder about purchasing the JSBFV. Weighing a whopping five pounds, this unit won’t move anywhere while you’re having fun with it, or after you’ve finished using it - its elite creators and developers have assured this.

Also setting the bar even higher is the HAND of Jessica Sanders, which holds her vagina open for your use. This is where even more readers will be forced to drop their jaws and make the purchase. And for those assuming this information was a typo, let me reiterate: JESSICA SANDERS’S HAND HOLDS HERFAKE VAGINA OPEN FOR YOUR USE. Just as soft as the rest of the unit and surprisingly welcoming, this is an incredibly unique feature that makes use - and enjoyment - much better.

With features as awesome as this - on a unit that’s modeled, to scale, in proportion to Jessica Sanders’s actual vagina - you’re correct in assuming that the small things are cared for as well. Storage is discreet and well-thought, as the product comes with a small, white box that won’t raise any suspicions. Cleaning is incredibly easy, and only takes a matter of minutes.

And when all of the big and small things are covered, all you’re left with is an awesome final product.

I love Jessica Sanders, and now I can say officially and truthfully that I love her vagina - and if you should decide to make the purchase, you’ll be able to same thing.

But for those enduring individuals who are still on the fence: have I mentioned that the unit is modeled around Jessica Sanders?

(remaining undecided readers come to their senses and make the purchase)

That’s what I thought. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a date with Jessica.