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Jack StrapA few weeks ago we wrote a review about the FleshWrap by Ntimate Inc. and now another toy has come our way from the same makers, called the Jack Strap. These guys know the value of bringing testicle play into the sex arena because, similar to the FleshWrap, Jack Strap is designed to help stimulate the twins.

The design is simple; just a short flexible silicone strap with a ring at one end and an elongated finger loop at the other that faces the opposite direction. Nothing complicated to figure out. The ring, which is roughly 1.25" wide inside, fits around the base of the balls, and the loop, is for you or your partner to rest their fingers in during masturbation/a hand job.

What this does is create a bungee-like effect so that every pull on your dick lifts the balls and creates a pleasant tugging sensation over the entire area. The exact sensation is hard to describe, but if you like your balls gripped and tugged then this is for you.

How long a man’s dick is shouldn’t make much difference in performance considering what it’s meant to do, but I’ll admit the ring is a bit of a challenge to get on at first. It’s not extremely stretchy so I found the easiest way to get it on was to apply a little lube inside, stretch it the fingers of both hands, then thumb poke each ball in one at a time. For me the ring was a tight fit; not uncomfortable, but close enough that it would have been better if it were a bit bigger. Men with larger balls or who aren’t familiar with the sensation of a cock ring might find it a bit intimidating. The overall experience of using the pocket vagina is great though, so it would probably serve the manufacturer well to offer this in more than one size in the future to appeal to an even wider audience.

Her point of view:

This turned out to be a fun toy to use on him. Aside from its intended use, I stuck it on the base of his cock for sex and it was interesting to be able to tug on it during and get different angles that way. It also makes a pretty good cock leash when he’s being bad.

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