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How to Build a Fake Vagina?If the nights that you spend alone have become unbearable, a fake vagina could be what you need. For one, it can bring back excitement into your life because you can do anything you want with it.

What is a fake vagina?

A vagina toy is a device designed to replicate the female genatalia. That’s why it is made of a material that feels like real skin, as well as silicone, latex, rubber or plastic. A realistic vagina can be designed for various purposes, including research, animal breeding and of course, for intimacy.

Why should a man buy a fake vagina?

A rubber vagina can fill in the void in a man’s life in terms of intimacy. When a sexual partner isn’t available, a man can use this device for self-gratification. The good thing about using such a device instead of your own hands is that you don’t run the risk of spraining your arms. All you need is a good water-based lubricant to work a load or two out.

You also don’t need to worry about hygiene and safety as these makeshift vajayjays can be cleaned in an instant.

How do you build a fake vagina?

For a silicone vagina:

You will need:

A large candle (bigger than your penis)

Sharp knife

Silicone sealant

  1. Take the candle and measure your sexual organ’s width and length against it. Then, mark the candle with 25 percent less than the measurement you got.
  2. Cut two side of the candle lengthwise were you marked the 25 percent.
  3. Smooth the sides of the candle to make it look like a carrot while keeping the girth smaller.
  4. Use the silicone sealant to cover the candle. Make it at least half an inch thick.
  5. Let the fake vagina dry for about several weeks.
  6. Remove the candle once it is completely dry.
  7. Add texture into the mold by cutting notches into the candle.

For a vagina toy made of balloons:

You will need:

- 4 balloons

- Latex gloves

- Container that resembles a tube with a circumference bigger than that of a Pringles can

  1. Place the four balloons inside the tube container. Make sure the holes where you use to inflate the balloons are sticking out.
  2. Blow a bit of air into the balloons.
  3. In the middle of the balloons, place a latex glove with the fingers pointing inside.
  4. Blow more air into the balloons until you have the desired tightness. Then, tie the ends to prevent air into the inflation holes.
  5. Tape/secure the tied ends of the balloon on the outside of the container.
  6. Cut the latex glove’s ribbed cuff to allow it to stretch. Pull over the glove over the balloons and the container’s edge.
  7. Tape everything into position.

For a fake vagina made of sponge and latex glove:

You will need:

- Large soda bottle/empty Pringles can/tall cup

- Sponges

- Duct tape

- Latex glove

- Sharp knife

  1. If you are using a soda bottle or Pringles can, cut the bottom off. Tape several layers of duct tape over the sharp edge to avoid injuring yourself.
  2. Place the latex glove in between the two sponges, creating a glove sandwich.
  3. Pull out the cuff of the glove so it hangs over the sponge.
  4. Place the glove sandwich inside the soda bottle/Pringles can/tall cup. But make sure it is level with the opening of the container. Also, there shouldn’t be any gaps.
  5. Pull the glove’s cuff and slip it over the container’s mouth to completely conceal the edge.
  6. Tape the cuff to secure it in place.

For a rubber vagina made of condom:

You will need:

- PVC pipe (big enough to fit your organ and a thick layer of cotton

- Condom

- Cotton

  1. Spread the cotton on a flat surface.
  2. Unroll the condom place it in the middle of the cotton. Make sure the cuff and the tip of the condom sticks out from the edges of the cotton. Otherwise, cut the cotton to the right length.
  3. Roll the cotton with the condom inside.
  4. Push the rolled cotton and condom inside the PVC pipe.
  5. Check if the hole made by the condom is your desired tightness. If not, undo everything and place another layer of cotton.
  6. Pull the cuff of the condom over the edge of the PVC pipe. If it slips, you can tape it in place.

As you can see, it is fairly easy to build a fake vagina from scratch. But if you don’t want to go through all that hassle, you can buy a ready-made device instead, like the Autoblow 2, Fleshlight and RoboticBlowJob.