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How to Clean Your Fake Vagina?If you are looking for an almost real sensation, then using a fake vagina is your best bet. Made from a variety of trademarked materials, this high-end toy is engineered to feel just like human flesh and skin. Stretchy and soft to the touch, a rubber pussy is truly a wonderful innovation that can greatly improve the authenticity of your masturbation experience.

A fake vagina can be made of realistic skin material, rubber, plastic, silicone, etc., which means that it would need utmost care to keep it feeling incredible. Otherwise, it can deteriorate and melt, making it become a sticky mess.

Now, to make sure your realistic sex toy will always feel as fresh as when you first took it out of the box, you should follow some quick and easy tips on cleaning it.

Clean it carefully after use.

Cleaning your fake vagina is probably the most important part of your care routine, which would ensure it lasts a lifetime. So, always wash it after use with an antibacterial sex toy cleaner, which are formulated to kill any bacteria that linger in your toy. Then, rinse it all away with a thorough cleanse with hot water.

Dry it thoroughly.

You can use a clean towel or soft cloth to dry your toy’s surface. Thread it through the hole and out through its entrance. Or, you can turn it inside out to hand dry. Avoid air drying as bacteria can breed on a warm, wet drying surface.

Use renewer powder.

Once your fake vagina is dry, do not forget to use a renewer powder inside and out. Remember that natural oils from your body can degrade your toy’s material, causing it to feel tacky. Renewer powder, such as the one from Fleshlight, counteracts such effect and protects the device from contact with any oils during storage.

Do not use talcum powder.

Research suggests that phthalates can cause cancer. Similarly, talc has also been cited as another possible cause. While studies are still going on, it is strongly recommend to avoid using talc on intimate toys. It is best to stay safe than sorry.

Considering that a fake vagina comes in various materials, here are some specific tips for specific makes:

  • Silicone - Sex toys made of silicone can be boiled on the stove for about 3-5 minutes to be sterilized. It can also be cleaned in the dishwasher if it does not have mechanical components and can even be put in the dishwasher for disinfection purposes. If it is not 100% silicone, you should use a suggested cleaner instead to avoid any damage.
  • Realistic Skin - The best thing you can use on this is a spray-on sex toy cleaner. Though some say you can use a mild soap, avoid it! Soap can go into the pores and then froths up again once you put lubricant in it. Once your fake vagina is dry, you can then sprinkle renewer powder on it. You can also use corn starch, but be sure to stay away from using baby powder or talcum or baby powder, as these are believed to be possible causes of ovarian cancer.
  • Rubber - If you are using a rubber sex toy, you can use it with condoms to make cleaning easy. You can use mild soap, water or sex toy cleaner.
  • Jelly - Mild soap, water or a sex toy cleaner is always okay with this material.
  • Plastic - For this material, it can just be wiped down with a sex toy cleaner or alcohol.

Aside from the tips mentioned above, you should always wash your hands and yourself before using your fake vagina. Remember that dirt and natural oils from your skin can make it look dirty and feel sticky, and it can be very difficult to clean dirty marks off, so being clean yourself before going for it can prevent giving your toy smudges.