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How Many Types of Pocket Vaginas Are There?Are you looking for the best pocket vaginas? Are you wondering what other guys use? Well, before you go online to do your shopping, you should first know the different types of artificial pussies. By doing so, you can determine which of them will certainly meet the satisfaction you want. Here are them:

Suction Fake Vaginas

A suction fake vagina, like the Tenga Vacuum Controller, originated from Japan, which was then made affordable and was welcomed by American men with open arms. It has a special valve that creates an incredible stimulation and unbelievable sucking sensation, making it become one of the leading creations in the fake vagina industry.

The extraordinary sucking action provided by this rubber vagina, along with its advanced stimulating sleeve, has made it the #1 sex toy for men in the Land of the Rising Sun. Therefore, it would be a no-brainer to understand why it has also taken the West by storm. This masturbator already comes lubricated and is ready to go. Although it is intended for single use, there are also other designs for multiple uses. Now, what are you waiting for? Enjoy an evening alone with this fake vag to have an incredible experience!

Realistic Fake Vaginas

The most popular among these products are the original Fleshlights, which have a vulva entrance that is semi-realistic and a tunnel that is completely smooth all the way through. Manufacturers, particularly Fleshlight, call the material they use as “SuperSkin” which is responsible for these toys' realistic feel. Also, their inserts are made of specific formulations of thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs), which are widely used in making male masturbatory items because of their ranging texture possibilities, like hard and soft. So, it would just be a matter of finding the right formula for the desired product.

As for Fleshlight's formula, it is created to achieve the general tactile feel of human flesh, which is of course normal for these toys are supposed to feel genuine.

Vibrating Fake Vaginas

Aside from women who have been having a special friend giving them good vibrations to all the right spots, men are now also blessed with a similar product. With requests for a vagina simulator that vibrates, man has created probably one of the most anticipated male sex products ever! One great example of such a product is the Fleshlight Vibro, which is distinguished for its patented skin-like sleeves, which are taken up a notch with vibrating add-ons-bullets to be particular.

This type of artificial vagina has definitely created a whole new level of sexual pleasure for us, men. It certainly changed the game here, and it is safe to presume that vibrating fake vaginas are going to make big waves. For you, it is the perfect time to jump on the bandwagon and do not miss out on the experience!

Strokers Fake Vaginas

A serious contender for the real thing would most probably be the strokers fake vaginas, particularly the new Autoblow 2. Yes, you can call these things blowjob machines! As for the Autoblow 2, it is the first automatic masturbation machine for men, and by using it, you will certainly feel receiving a blowjob or, at least, get a remarkably the same feeling.

By applying the right amount of lubricant into a stroker fake vagina, you can then penetrate it through its pursed lips, as you would do to any other orifice you are about to thrust into. This type of masturbator does not just stay still, but also creates a genuine feeling of sucking, thanks to its series of rollers that simulate a mouth moving up and down on your hard shaft. What's more, it comes with alternating speeds, so you can enjoy the pleasure of controlling the… beats per minute! So yes, something like the Autoblow 2 sucks. And by that, you will truly find out that it really sucks! Using it can surely give you a different and amazing feeling based on the “self pleasure” perspective.

Now that you know the different types of pocket vaginas, you will be able to come up with a well-informed decision of what to buy for yourself.