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  • Hands free fake pussy Hands free fake pussy
  • Sleeves are easy to clean Sleeves are easy to clean
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Phoenix Marie Pussy

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A fake vagina or a pocket vagina could be a men’s best alternative to a real pussy. This is because most artificial vaginas today are already made of some type of realistic skin, so they will feel genuine.

Fake VaginaFake vaginas are considered to be the next best method to satisfy men’s intimate pleasures. But of course, they do not intend to forget about having sex with our partners - they just want to help us release the urge, in case our wives or girlfriends are away or just not in the mood. You do not need to worry though because, most probably, your girl would not mind if you use a vagina sex toy to get off on your own sometimes. In fact, solo play can be fun, can make you a better lover in bed and, definitely, is better than you hounding around. So, if you do not have a vagina toy now, maybe it is time to get one for yourself. At first you might laugh thinking it was funny, but time will come that you find yourself seeing it as your favorite gadget to pass time!

Rubber vaginas, as others call them, will make you feel good by using their add-ons, including the lube. They feel so real that if you try closing your eyes while at it, it would be hard to tell the difference. As previously mentioned, this is because they are made from a sensational real-feel material that warms up to your body temperature during play. As horny as its name is, you cannot even imagine how pleasurable these products are in general. So, if the urge arises, take out that latex vagina and use your own insert to get it on. With some kind of vagina sex toys, you can do just that, without anyone complaining or saying “no”. It is a good way for you to satisfy your fantasies and dreams come true.

For example, if you dream about having sex with your favorite porn star, you can just grab your fake vagina, let your imaginations flow and do the thrusting! You can try the all-favorite missionary position; all you need is a bit of lubrication and you are good to go. This product really deserves a 10 on 10, which is ideal for those who want to make their solo fun more exciting and arousing. Aside from looking and feeling like the real thing, a rubber vagina is even claimed to be sometimes better. You can enjoy better masturbation experiences with its sensational ridges and super-tight grips!

Aside from the perks mentioned above, you can get more benefits from using realistic vaginas. As stated above, they can provide great pleasure for you, even stimulating you more than a real pussy, particularly if it has a very tight opening. These products are also highly portable, super-easy to clean and completely water proof. Because of these attributes, you can bring them anywhere, so you can pleasure yourself whenever you want. Also due to their compactness, they can be kept discreetly in your bag. Most importantly, vagina sex toys are very safe to use. Well, if you are not sharing them with anyone, it would be impossible for you to catch any type of sexually transmitted disease (STD).

Yes, a lot of men do not really consider using sex toys dues to some personal reasons or stigmas. Also, others think that their hands can do as well as any latex vagina and do not bother making the change. However, let me tell you not to fall into this rut-if you have not tried any male sex toy in your life, then you really are missing out on something.

Fake Vagina Types

Vibrating Fake Vaginas

Vibrating Fake VaginasWomen, for a long time now, are having a special friend who gives them good vibrations to all the right spots. Isn’t it unfair for us men to be deprived of something similar? Well, do not falter as vibrating fake vaginas are already here. With requests for a vagina simulator that vibrates, man has created probably one of the most anticipated male sex products ever!

These products, such as the Fleshlight Vibro, are distinguished for their patented skin-like sleeves, which are taken up a notch with vibrating add-ons. For the mentioned item, it has three bullet-shaped vibrators, which are inserted into secure pockets on the back face of its sleeve. Its inserts are different from those of the other similar products in a way that they have three pockets at the sides surrounding the orifice and the canal entrance. You can place one, two or three mini-vibrators to make the case and the insert to vibrate, thus boosting your overall masturbation pleasure.

When using a vibrating realistic vagina, one good technique I can recommend to you is simply thrusting all the way in, remaining there and moving the device in a circular motion, while letting the vibrations to penetrate your shaft. By doing so, you will experience a degree of stimulation that is truly extraordinary! When you slide out, you will feel an intensifying surrounding grab sensation (best described as a “unique squishy sensation) because your penis would never touch the sidewalls of the canal, remaining at a distance at all times. Plus, you will also notice a suction effect that comes with the stimulation.

This product has certainly created a whole new level of sexual pleasure for men. The game has certainly changed, and it is safe to presume that this toy is going to make big waves. Now will be the perfect time to jump on the bandwagon and experience what you are missing first hand!

Suction Fake Vaginas

Suction Fake VaginaIf you have not tried using a suction fake vagina, like the Tenga Vacuum Controller, then you should definitely learn about them! Originating from Japan, these affordably priced masturbators have been welcomed by men in the US with open arms, and their reviews have been excellent. With special valves that create incredible stimulation and unbelievable sucking sensation, these babies have become some of the leading creations in the fake vagina industry.

The extraordinary sucking action provided by these rubber vaginas, along with their advanced stimulating sleeve, has made them the #1 sex toy for men in Japan; it is also a no-brainer to think why they have taken the West by storm. Their innovative sleeve construction makes you feel just like you are receiving head, which we men will not have any problem with! These masturbators already come lubricated and are ready to go. Although some of them are intended for single use, there are also other designs for multiple uses.

All in all, highlights of a suction fake vagina are: innovative male masturbator for an incredibly realistic deep throat experience; sleeve containing a combination of small and large nubs to suit the length of your shaft; rippled tightening zone for increased sensation; integrated air hole on the end of the unit for suction adjustment; unit is a one-use disposable model but can be extended by using it with a condom; design that simulates fellatio with deep-throat action; cup that comes lubricated and is ready to use out of the package; can be enjoyed alone or shared with a partner.

Now, what are you waiting for? Enjoy an evening alone or hand your fake vag off to your wife or girlfriend to share an incredible experience!

Realistic Fake Vaginas

Realistic Fake VaginaRealistic fake vaginas, such as the original Fleshlights, have a vulva entrance that is semi-realistic and a tunnel that is completely smooth all the way through. This would make you think what these products are really made of. Well, manufacturers, particularly Fleshlight, call the material “SuperSkin”. By doing a quick research on the term, you will find the US patent number stating, “The preferred elastomeric gel is formed from a mixture of plasticizing oil and a block copolymer selected from styrene ethylene butylene styrene block copolymers and styrene ethylene propylene styrene block copolymers. The preferred elastomeric gel is formed from a mixture of 5-9% by weight of the block copolymer and 90-94% by weight of the plasticizing oil, and trace amounts of pigments and fillers.” Also, the inserts of these fake pussies are made of specific formulations of thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs)-materials that are widely used in making male masturbatory items because they have ranging texture possibilities, like hard and soft. So, it would just be a matter of finding the right formula for the desired product.

As for the formula for Fleshlight products, it is made to create the general tactile feel of human flesh, which is of course normal for these toys. However, the brand has done something other male sex toy manufacturers have not achieved-avoid using phthalates. This means theirs are among the safest products of their kind on the market. For their outer casing, it is made of hard plastic, which does not need much clarification.

Though realistic fake vaginas are among the first mainstream male sex toys, they are still pretty great as a masturbation aid. Aside from being easy to clean, they feel pretty good. Now, if you are looking for a product for your personal sexual pleasure, do not forget to try out these products, especially the Fleshlight Original Pink Lady. It is definitely worth the money!

Stroker Fake Vaginas

Stroker Fake VaginaAmong all the male sex toys, a serious contender for the real thing would most probably be… the strokers fake vaginas, particularly the Autoblow 2. Yes, you have guessed it right-it is a blowjob machine! Around a little over 4 inches in width and 9 inches in height, the Autoblow 2 is the first automatic masturbation machine for men. When you use it, you will certainly feel receiving fellatio or, at least, get a remarkably the same feeling.

Yes, you have probably used one artificial vagina or two at some point, but in some cases, it is quite complicated to use, not to mention that it is just rubber, which can be inanimate, messy and even flawed. But with this new baby, it is another story. Just read thoroughly the user’s manual for instructions, plug the device into your wall outlet, dim your lights, watch porn or play autoeroticism mood-music, take your penis out, make it hard (there are various ways to do this), and you are ready to go!

By applying the right amount of lubricant into a stroker fake vagina, you can then penetrate it through its pursed lips, as you would do to any other orifice you are about to thrust into. This type of masturbator does not just stay still, but also creates a genuine feeling of sucking, thanks to its series of rollers that simulate a mouth moving up and down on your hard shaft. What’s more, it comes with alternating speeds, so you can enjoy the pleasure of controlling the… beats per minute! So yes, something like the Autoblow 2 sucks. And by that, I truly mean that it really sucks. Putting the “having sex with a robot” oddity aside, using it can surely give you a different and amazing feeling based on the “pleasing yourself” perspective.

Cleaning and storing your fake vagina

Sex Toy CleanerIf you are looking for the most life-like sensations, then you should choose realistic-feel fake vaginas for your pleasure time alone. These high-end male sex toys are made from a variety of materials that are trademarked and engineered to feel just like human flesh and skin. Stretchy, soft to the touch, quick to warm and certain to retain their shape, these products are seen as a wonderful innovation that will greatly improve the authenticity of user experience.

Given that these realistic sex toys are made from a mix of rubber, plastic and silicone, we need to take care of them to keep them feeling incredible. Remember that without due care, these materials can deteriorate and even melt, which means they can become a sticky mess, which will be a shameful waste. With these things in mind, here is what you should do:

After use, you should clean your fake vagina carefully, which is the most vital part of your care regimen to help it last a lifetime. You need to wash it always after some action alone in your room with an antibacterial sex toy cleaner, such as the Lovehoney Fresh Sex Toy Cleaner, to thoroughly clean and kill any bacteria that linger in it. Then, you can rinse it all away with a thorough cleanse with hot water.

When drying the toy, make sure it is completely done. Use a clean towel or a soft cloth to dry its surface. Especially for male masturbators, you should thread a soft cloth through their cleaning holes and out through their entrances, or you can turn them inside out to hand dry. Remember that air drying would not be good as some types of bacteria can breed on wet-drying and warm racks or surfaces.

Once it is dry, it is important to use a re-newer powder inside and out. And if your toy feels sticky, this might be the effect of your body’s natural oils starting to degrade its materials. This type of powder, such as the Fleshlight Powder Renewer, is designed to counteract the effects of any oils and any residue, as well as protect the toy from contact with any harmful elements during storage.

If you have several fake vaginas at home, make sure they are kept separate from each other in your collection, even if all of them are made of realistic materials. Place each of them in a suitable bag or box and store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.

Where should I buy from?

Whether you do it offline or online, buying sex toys can be inconvenient, thinking that it can be embarrassing to be seen by others walking out an adult shop or mentioning a name of a fake vagina on your e-mail. Fortunately, you will find trusted manufacturers and suppliers of these products that make sure their operations are discreet and keep your secrets safe.

When you buy a sex toy, make sure you do it with a brand that is clear about its billing and shipment policies. One good example of an adult shop is Fleshlight, which really stressed it out on its website that it trades discreetly. Also, you should determine if the address appearing on the product’s package is legit. This means it is involved in any unlawful activities. For the actual company name, it should also have a corporate identifier.

Remember that it is a standard for most online shops to gather personal information from you, so find out how they will use such data to ensure a safe and secure shopping experience. It is very important to make sure your identity will not be used by others to do fraudulent activities. Also, your credit card information might be used by others to steal money from you, so engage transactions carefully. Well, these things will not be a concern when you do your shopping with trusted brands, such as Tenga for example. As you check out their privacy policy page, they comply with safely handling and protecting your personal details as mandated by law.

Trusted adult shops also properly wrap and label your package for efficient and discreet delivery. They keep their boxes modest not to attract other people’s attention, as they might be curious about the things inside them. In terms of labeling, they also make sure it is not too obvious. Reactions of other people seeing you order a sex toy might seem fun to think, but it can actually be an embarrassing situation.

So, when purchasing a fake vagina or other pleasure devices, only do it with reputable adult shops that are clear about their dealings, discreet in the way they pack and ship their products, and indisputable when it comes to safe and secure shopping. To mention other good examples of these shops, you can also check out Autoblow, RoboticBlowJob, Mangasm, etc. It is best to always be safe than sorry, so remember the names. They worked hard to build a good reputation in the industry, thus they will protect and take care of their patrons not to destroy such.

So, which one is the best fake vagina out on the market today?

Although there are a lot of brands that offer a variety of pleasure devices, I can say that the top spots are shared among the Fleshlight STU, the Autoblow 2 and the Tenga Egg. Each of them is perfect in their own right, but like most products, they also have their own downsides. Let us dig deeper into this matter.

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (STU)

The Fleshlight STU is one of the best in the brand’s line up. The reason for this is its inner texture. It is designed to be at the highest level of sensation, which is a very important factor when choosing a male sex toy. As the name suggests, the STU trains and increases your sexual stamina in order for you to last longer during the real performance.


  • It offers an amazing feeling with a high level of sensation.
  • It can be customized.
  • Its product line has a wide range of variations.


  • It really looks like a flashlight.
  • It is not the easiest thing to clean, but is manageable.

The Autoblow 2

You might think you cannot have it all, but this toy gives you a fake pussy and mouth in one. Though it is not as small as other artificial vaginas, it serves its purpose well. After all, perhaps no other products can give you more for a price of one.


  • It has a robust construction designed to give your desired sexual experience.
  • It works automatically, giving you a great hand or headjob without the hassle and wrist pain.
  • It comes with a reusable penis sleeve.
  • It is powered by a strong motor that will stroke you up and down for about up to 500 hours.


  • It is not as discreet as some other pocket pussies, probably not fitting in your pocket.
  • It requires more cleaning than an average male sex toy, considering all the parts it has that need caring.

The Tenga Egg

To imitate the sensations of a handjob, this egg-shaped toy has stretchy sleeves that are textured on the inside. Because Tenga has added a whole new dimension to manual stimulation, it is a great toy to use whether you are alone or having foreplay with your partner. The product comes in 6 varieties, with each having different tight ridges and swirling nodules.


  • It is made of incredible soft, stretchy patented material.
  • It has different internal textures to choose from.
  • It is very reasonably priced.
  • It has a unique design and shape.
  • It is small and easy to transport.
  • It offers a lot of fun for couples to experiment with.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It can be warmed or heated for added sensation.
  • It comes with sachet of lube.
  • It makes you feel great during oral sex if you chop its top off.


  • It is made of slightly thin material, which can rip if used too vigorously, that is why the maker brought out the thicker “hard boiled” range.
  • It is said to be disposable (one time use), but with a little bit of innovation, you can get many uses out of it.

Fake Vagina News

Brian SloanBy using a fake vagina or a similar product, you will have the best of both worlds: the real and unreal. Remember that it would be a privilege to enjoy such pleasures, and if you are definitely using one now, you are not alone.

When buying a fake pussy, go for the right item. One that I would recommend is the Autoblow 2. Probably the latest automatic masturbator out on the market today, it is truly making huge waves. This is also partly because of its creator’s cool and uncaring attitude towards the self-righteous people thinking negative about it.

When asked about his invention, Brian Sloan stated, “The Autoblow 2 is a huge step forward for men's pleasure devices. Until now, virtually all male toys either required you to hold something and move your hand up and down or were automated but created as toys, not appliances. As a backer here, you will help us to create the next generation of robotic machines for men that will feel far better and far more realistic than anything that has been made before. We have already started kicking around ideas for the Autoblow 3! Although the next version may be 2 years away, it will surely feature new technology never before used in a male pleasure product. Your support on the Autoblow 2 will help us push this technology to the next level! We are SURE you'll love the Autoblow 2 and we are super thankful to all of you for your support!!”

“Men buy sex simulators because they want to experience something physically more like the real thing than their hand,” he added. “While a hand can get the job done, it feels like your own hand. So an artificial vagina type of toy can replicate, I’d say, 80 percent of the physical feeling of their penis going into a vagina.”

As most people believe, most of these blowjob machines are designed in China by factory engineers. Joking about this concept, Sloan said, “white people make up stories about how they invented various new styles.”

Sloan was also asked why the invention to which he laughingly replied, “Why not?” “I think that if you asked men what their ideal masturbation improving device would be, many would say, ‘Something that does it for you and you don’t have to do anything,’” he continued. “I’ve just always had this idea that it would be the ultimate fetish toy. In a way, it can improve people’s lives, you know?”

So, how does Sloan himself think about the way the Autoblow 2 compares to real thing? He said, “The real thing is different. The feeling is very similar to the real thing because with the real thing, you don’t exactly use your hands. But you also don’t have to talk to the Autoblow 2 when you’re finished. You don’t have to form an emotional bond with the Autoblow 2, and there are many guys that that's a benefit for.”

"I think a lot of guys who actually use it are married and don’t have sex with their wives anymore. Or they’re single and the emotional part isn’t important to them."

"Physically, it’s different. I mean, it’s a machine. But for some guys I think that has some benefits."