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Fleshlight OriginalThe Fleshlight is the number 1 selling adult sex toy not just because of its real life like feel it brings but because it finally gives us a chance to practice our lasting power on something very close to the real thing.

I have a few fleshlight products and they are all very high quality fake pussies with the best thing being how discrete they are in appearance, which can be very handy as I have accidentally left mine lying around quite a few times.

Practice makes Perfect

The reason why I found the fleshlight so useful for combating premature ejaculation is that it gives you a chance to be accustomed to the sensations experienced during intercourse and in some ways desensitize yourself to them , make them second nature so that you don't reach the point of no return the minute you start.

It takes great self control not to go crazy on the fleshlight toy once you get it but it can be useful for focusing on your pc muscle and learning to relax it at times of heightened pleasure and excitement.

When practicing, you want to simulate the real experience as much as possible by either using visual aids or your vivid imagination to get your body and mind ready for the real thing and ready to perform. Practicing with a fake pussy toy can sometimes be more intense than the real thing making the real thing a piece of cake to handle.

Simple Fleshlight Routine

  1. Warm up your Fleshlight in warm water for 5 minutes
  2. Lubricate with water based lubricant (avoid baby oil it doesn't work very well)
  3. Start slowly while paying attention to your pc muscle contractions and consciously relaxing them. Don't squeeze or push out simply, relax as much as you can.
  4. Build up speed while maintaining control over sexual pelvic muscles
  5. At the first sign of the point of no return, ease off or completely stop stimulation and allow yourself to calm down. This may take extreme will power as the urge to blow can build up to incredible levels.
  6. Repeat these steps to push the point of no return further and further until you find yourself lasting longer and longer. It's also important to have a mindset telling yourself that the aim is not to ejaculate but just enjoy the sensation; it’s easy to ejaculate when you want to but we want to achieve the opposite.

By practicing the above routine you can build up self control and combat premature ejaculation. At first you may find it hard to hold back ejaculation while thrusting , if this is the case start off by just moving the fake pussy up and domain while remaining stationary.

It is up to you whether you choose to ejaculate or not after a session but it can be beneficial to hold back ejaculation from time to time to get your body used to not ejaculation after stimulation. I will discuss further ways you can improve lasting power especially when it comes to vigorous thrusting. good luck.

Fleshlight's come in many different shapes and styles and if you’re a porn fan you may find that your favorite porn star had their vagina molded into a fake pussy toy. Otherwise a Classic Model or a Stamina Unit are a great way to start enjoying your goal of beating premature ejaculation.

Simple Tips to Hold Back

When very close to ejaculation pull out of your fake pussy, breathe out full and stick out your bum as if you were a duck, this helps to relieve the sensation of ejaculation even though you may feel weird.

If you have a powerful pc muscle you can kegel hard until the urge to ejaculate subsides.

Always ensure you breathe properly, deeply in and out as breathing fast or uncontrolled will bring you closer quicker. Overcome premature ejaculation with mind and body control and of course the use of the right fake pussy.

Good luck beating premature ejaculation with the Fleshlight.