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Fang BangerDon’t let the vampire theme fool you into thinking this is only for a certain season or fandom though; it’s truly a cock ring for any couple in any season.

Fang Banger’s main ring looks small at first glance, but it’s made out of a super pliable jelly-like silicone that stretches easily. I didn’t have any trouble getting it on or off, and it was comfortable to wear.

It has a standard-sized bullet vibrator in the front and a small barrel-shaped one it the back. Both are removable, single speed and controlled with push buttons on their ends.

This is a versatile pocket pussy, because you can wear it just with the main ring around your cock or you can also slip the loop that’s between it and the rear vibrator around the base of your balls at the same time.

Who got stimulated by the smaller vibrator depended on how we used it. With the rear loop stretched around the base of my balls it buzzed nicely against by perineum and sack. With it dangling loose during missionary it bounced between her perineum and my balls, so we both felt it. During cowgirl style (again without using the ball loop) the vibrator rested on top of my sack and was great. The larger vibrator in the front produced a mild humming sensation around the base of my cock and between the two it was great.

The only thing that I wasn’t pleased about with this ring is the battery setup. It does come with a full set in it and they included two replacement batteries for the smaller vibrator, but there are no extras for the larger one. The larger vibrator takes three LR44 while the smaller takes two LR54, so it’s going to be a bit of a pain shopping for two different sizes when it finally does go out.

I’m not sure when that’s going to happen since we haven’t managed to wear them out yet, but I know the LR54s are going to be harder to find around here.

My battery beefs aside though, this is a really good cock ring for couples.

Her point of view:

Of course I like it, it’s vampire-themed! LOL. Seriously though, I do like it but I did have hopes that the fangs and nubs would be firmer. I wasn’t looking for something to poke the crap out of my clit or anything, but as it is they squish down so easily that I can’t feel any real distinct sensation from them. What I *can* feel is pretty decent though, and while the vibrations aren’t earth-shattering they do feel very nice.