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Fleshlight Original Pink LadyWell, it is the Fleshlight Original Pink Lady from Steven A. Shubin - the one that started it all and prompted all the newer versions. This is the first highly successful vulvagina simulator and the first sex toy for men that have achieved mainstream brand recognition… thanks to its case. Well, as you can see, the case looks like a super-sized flashlight, which is something that makes the device more unnoticeable than many other fake vulvaginas. However, it is still pretty recognizable!

The Fleshlight Original Pink Lady has a vulva entrance that is semi-realistic and a tunnel that is completely smooth all the way through. So, what is this vulvagina simulator originally made of? Fleshlight calls the material “SuperSkin”. If you do a quick search on the net, you will end up finding the US patent number that states, “The preferred elastomeric gel is formed from a mixture of plasticizing oil and a block copolymer selected from styrene ethylene butylene styrene block copolymers and styrene ethylene propylene styrene block copolymers. The preferred elastomeric gel is formed from a mixture of 5-9% by weight of the block copolymer and 90-94% by weight of the plasticizing oil, and trace amounts of pigments and fillers.” Initially, the insert of the Fleshlight Original Pink Lady is made of very specific formulations of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), which are widely used in producing masturbatory items for men because they have a wide range of texture possibilities, like soft and hard. It is just a matter of finding the right formula for the desired application.

As for Fleshlight’s formula, it is created to come up with the general tactile feel of human flesh - of course, it is supposed to feel realistic - but the brand has actually did something other male sex toy manufacturers have not achieved, that is to avoid using phthalates. This means the Fleshlight is one of the safest products of its kind on the market. For its outer casing, it is made of hard plastic, which does not much clarification.

So, how would you take care of the Fleshlight Original Pink Lady? First and foremost, you would just pull the insert out. The device has a plastic dowel inside for holding the tunnel open. Note: Unwittingly trying to use the device with the dowel there can shred the tip of your penis or your finger, so it has to be removed. Once the dowel is removed, you can just give the Fleshlight a good rinse to clean off any chemical from its manufacture. Use warm water and never use soap, as it can cause some issues with the fragile material. If you want to use the Fleshlight Original Pink Lady immediately, you can just let it dry. But if you have just used and cleaned it, it is best to lay the insert somewhere to allow it to dry properly. For its case, it is pretty easy to clean. Just unscrew the caps, run hot water through it, wipe the inside with a soft rag, rinse it out completely and lay the pieces to dry.

Though it was one of the first mainstream fake pussy toys, the Fleshlight Original Pink Lady is still pretty great as a masturbation aid. Aside from being easy to clean, it feels pretty good. Yes, you might notice that the brand’s refreshing powder is a bit of a rip-off, but you can just substitute it with pure cornstarch, which is literally the same thing but is substantially cheaper.

Now, if you are looking for a product for your personal sexual pleasure, do not forget to try out the Fleshlight Original Pink Lady. It is definitely worth it!