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Fleshlight Pink Lady Vibro TouchAs we all know, women are, for a long time now, having had a special friend that gives them good vibrations to all the right spots, and it seems unfair for men to be deprived of such a thing too. Well, the time has finally arrived that the need is answered with the Fleshlight Pink Lady Vibro Touch. With requests for an artificial pussy that vibrates, Interactive Life Forms has created probably one of the most anticipated male sex products ever!

Fleshlight products are distinguished for their patented Real Feel Super Skin sleeves, and now this famous feature has been taken up a notch with the Fleshlight Pink Lady Vibro Touch being designed to vibrate by three bullet-shaped vibrators, which are inserted into secure pockets on the back face of the sleeve. The inserts of the Vibro Touch are different from those of the other Fleshlights in a way that they have three pockets at the sides surrounding the orifice and the canal entrance. You can place one, two or three mini-vibrators to make the case and the insert to vibrate, thus boosting your overall masturbation pleasure.

The inner texture of the Fleshlight Pink Lady Vibro Touch is only available in two types of orifice: Pink Butt Touch and Pink Lady Touch. The canal of the insert measures 0.6 to 0.7 inches in diameter, which is considerably wide, and its inner surface is covered by many pin-shaped and long-stemmed bumps that are positioned close to each other. Though the canal is comparatively loose, it applies a strong counter-pressure to your penis’ surface with the bumps taking up a lot of space, therefore giving you a tight sensation. Though tight, you will still feel comfortable as the bumps will surround your penis’s glans and shaft in a pleasant and gentle way, touching, massaging and stimulating every millimeter of the skin they can grab.

To use the vibrating bullets of the Fleshlight Pink Lady Vibro Touch, you will be required to do a bit of laborious preparation, though. First, you need to remove the insert from the case and switch each individual bullet on by pressing the button on the top. Then, you have to stick the bullets into the side-pockets of the insert, which are then placed back into the case with the active vibrating bullets.

Upon your first thrust into the Fleshlight Pink Lady Vibro Touch, it would remind you of Fleshlight’s Stamina Training Unit texture (if you have tried it), only much better. The concentric fingers would swallow on your inward stroke and would gently pull on your outward stroke, while the vibrating energy encircles your penis’s shaft and head as you thrust back and forth. One good technique I can recommend in using the Fleshlight Pink Lady Vibro Touch is simply thrusting all the way in, remaining there and moving the device in a circular motion, while letting the vibrations to penetrate your shaft. By doing so, you will experience a degree of stimulation that is truly extraordinary! When you slide out, you will feel an intensifying surrounding grab sensation (best described as a “unique squishy sensation) because your penis would never touch the sidewalls of the canal, remaining at a distance at all times. Plus, you will also notice a suction effect that comes with the stimulation.

The Fleshlight Pink Lady Vibro Touch has definitely created a whole new level of sexual pleasure for men. The game has certainly changed, and with the good news travelling fast, it is safe to presume that this toy is going to make big waves. If you are not sure about which one to choose due to its many add-ons, you can start with the Touch and go from there. Now is the perfect time to jump on the bandwagon and experience what you are missing first hand!