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Ego E3The Ego E3 vibrating cock ring by Jopen is a pretty powerful vibrating cock ring.


  • 100% silicone build, which means you can clean it with a 10 percent bleach solution or your choice of toy cleaner (I would steer clear of boiling or putting it in the dishwasher, as the heat could damage the bullet)
  • Rechargeable via any USB port in just 3 hours, so no fussing with obscure little batteries.
  • Whisper quiet, Instant On/Off button, Travel Lock
  • Completely waterproof

What you really came for:

The Ego E3 by Jopen is a wonderful cock ring. I was iffy about buying something at this price... my experience with cock rings had been with the disposable ones from different companies, and a couple of basic rings that are meant just for a stiffer cock. I can’t tell you how long mine lasts on a full charge as I’ve only used it two or three times since charging, but it is just as powerful now as it was during my first use. Others have complained of only getting 20 minutes on full blast out of a complete charge, but I’d estimate mine at 30 minutes of run time so far.

Charging is a breeze as you can plug it into pretty much any USB port (I charge mine with my satellite box) and the power button illuminates while charging (as well as while in use). When it has completed the charge cycle the light shuts off.

I tend towards liking my fake pussies around the whole package, and I definitely struggled to get the E3 around things. Luckily, the ring can be “stretched” (it doesn’t really stretch) without breaking just enough to get this done. I whole heartedly recommend going for shaft, then 1 ball at a time. You are free to attempt this whole package ringing however you wish, but unless you’ve got pretty tiny nuts I don’t see both going through at the same time. One thing that definitely helped with this was using some lube. You can use water or oil based lubes with this ring, but men/cock-wielders of any sex should steer clear of using oil based lubes near any willing pussy as they can wreak havoc on a wet pussy’s natural flora.


The Ego E3 can be used solo or with a partner. I used mine for a couple of torrid jackin’ sessions, and I’m certain it could even be used for a massage. If a lady was so inclined, I’m sure she could work the E3 into her pussy for some rumbly vibes inside (but I would advise against this without a means of retrieval). Don’t be afraid to explore alternate uses for your toys!

Size/Design Info

The listed manufacturer measurements are as follows:

  • Stretched Diameter: 3 inches
  • Diameter: 1.5 inches
  • Weight: 3.2 ouncesThe design is what I can only describe as a partial clam shell with a ring coming from it:

Controlling the E3 is a breeze. One press turns it on, and then you can hold the button down to change the intensity of vibration. To use the travel lock function (because no one wants TSA confiscating their luxury cock ring) you simply press the power button 3 times fast, and unlock it the same way.


I used the E3 by myself, and while I didn’t test it every way I could think of, it provided some wonderful stimulation. The rumbly vibes definitely turned my whole shaft and even balls into a fleshy man vibe. Cock rings usually make me last a bit longer, but the vibe transfer with this actually brought me back down to a normal length of time while playing. I wasn’t a huge fan of cock rings coming into this, but the Ego E3 is wonderful. A dollop of lube and it’s off to the races!

What I like most about it: It’s silicone, rechargeable, and has rumbly vibes. It’s not like some cock rings that just feel like having a hummingbird flittering on your cock… No, the E3 offers some nice rumbly vibes.

What I don’t like much: I wish I felt safer pulling the ring wide so I can get my whole package through. This is only an issue because of the silicone construction... so in perspective I’ll deal with it.

Final Judgement:

The Ego E3 is a pretty bad ass cock ring, and the build quality and power certainly justify the price in my book. If you pay attention while shopping for one, you can even at times catch it on sale for a pretty deep discount! While the design may not hit the right spots for some couples, I enjoy my Ego E3. Pick yours up today at your favorite adult retailer.