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Does an artificial vagina need lubing?An artificial vagina is a device designed to give males sexual pleasure when a woman is not available by emulating the warmth and sensation of a female genitalia. However, it is made of unnatural materials like silicone, latex, rubber and plastic. So to answer the question whether a rubber vagina needs lubing or not, it does. Unless of course, you want to run the risk of burning your man part while doing do the deed.

If a silicone vagina is made of unnatural materials, how can it deliver pleasure to a man?

An artificial vagina is specially designed to be a substitute for the real thing. This means that it can look and feel like the real female orifice, which is warm, soft and snug. So by using a pocket pussy, you can still achieve orgasm without the actual help of a woman.

Another great thing about a vagina toy is that it can be used to treat or to put it more accurately, ‘train’ a man with premature ejaculation problems to last longer. This means to say that a rubber vagina is a practical device for men of all ages.

Aside from that, couples can also use an artificial vagina. For example, if the man takes so much time ejaculating, it can be hard for the woman. But if they use a fake pussy, the woman won’t need to exert too effort to get the man to be ready for their sexual encounter. What’s more, it can be quite useful if sex in not an option for the couple because of pregnancy, illness or menstruation.

But to ensure immense pleasure, while avoiding any pain, you need to make sure the device is well-lubricated before use. This is because an artificial vagina can’t produce natural lubrication, which means that you could get hurt due to friction.

Although a vagina toy may be specifically created to look and feel like the real thing, the materials used to make it are unnatural, thus the need for lubrication.

In case you are wondering what a rubber vagina is made of, read on.

Soft plastics artificial vagina

A fake pussy can be made of soft plastics or poly vinyl chloride, which are the kind of materials commonly used for sex toys, thanks to their jelly-like characteristic. If you don’t mind the smell of rubber while you’re doing the deed, then this is the fake pussy for you.

Cyberskin artificial vagina

Also known as ultra realistic or futurotic material, cyberskin is a mixture of silicone, PVC and other patented materials. This means that if a rubber vagina is made of this, any man using it will like he is doing the real deal because the device is highly and has a natural feel. However, sex toys made of cyberskin need special care and attention because of its porous nature.

Rubber artificial vagina

Rubber or elastic hydrocarbon polymer is a material that is highly flexible and resilient. It’s also quite durable, making it ideal for the creation of your favorite artificial vagina, a product that is often used vigorously. Extreme care should also be given to any device made of this material because it is porous in nature.

Latex artificial vagina

This flexible material is made natural rubber derived from plants. However, some people are allergic to the feel of latex on their skin.

Plants artificial vagina

There are fruits and vegetables with flesh-like textures, which is why they are used fake pussies. Aside from that, they are widely available and are quite inexpensive, making them ideal as male masturbators. Some of the plants used as improvised vaginas include banana skins, cucumbers and papayas.

No matter the kind of artificial vagina you use, it is important to keep it well-lubricated to achieve intense pleasure all throughout.