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Can the Realistic Vagina Take the Place of a Woman?This has got to be a tough question. For one, a realistic vagina isn’t natural. It does feel like real skin, but it’s still not the real thing. This means that the answer to this question will be different for every man who chooses to use a fake pussy.

If you’re a married man or someone who has a sexual partner, a vagina toy won’t take the place or be better than your woman. But it can enhance your sexual experience. How? You and your ladylove can use it to make ejaculation easier by stimulating your package first before doing the deed. This means that you’ll be as hard as a brick when you do your woman. The good thing about it is that you or your wife or girlfriend won’t need to exert too much effort because you have the realistic vagina to help you.

Now, if you’re single or you’re just too shy to get a woman, then a silicone vagina can take the place of a sexual partner. You can just whip out your fake pussy and get the best blowjob every night. If you’re asking if it’s better than a woman, then the answer is: it can. How? If you use the right rubber vagina, it can you won’t need to spend your nights lonely and straining your hands. This is because a male masturbator like the Autoblow 2 can give you more than 500 hours of nonstop stroking action.

A realistic vagina can be better than a woman because you can get total satisfaction every night without risking getting it pregnant. You can use whenever you want, whenever you want to. You can also control the intensity of the pleasure it gives you. You can use it all night every night. Yet, unlike a woman, it wouldn’t complain.

You can also choose the kind of orifice you want to use. Tonight, you might want to use a vagina toy to experience the sheer pleasure of making love to a woman. The following night, you might fancy doing it in a woman’s behind, so you’ll need a male masturbator with an anus orifice. Then, on weekends, you might want to have a nice and invigorating blowjob using a stimulator.

To really know whether a realistic vagina can be better than a woman, you need to try one yourself. Here are some of the best pocket pussies in the market nowadays:


This is the maker of the best vagina toys in the world. They have lots of pocket pussies to choose from, including:

  • Stamina Training Unit (STU) – it lets you practice till you become the best partner in bed. It can also help with premature ejaculation and boost confidence during performance.
  • Original Fleshlight Toy – the perfect realistic vagina for first-timers. Yet, it can keep you happy for as long as you want.
  • Flight – its adapter lets you use it both as a shower mount and as virtual reality. The best thing about it is its subtle and aerodynamic design, making it less obtrusive and easier to travel with.
  • Build Your Own Fleshlight – a DIY rubber vagina that offers the same sensation of female genitalia.
  • Fleshlight Vibro – it has everything you want in a Fleshlight but offers new levels of sensual satisfaction.
  • Fleshlight Ice – a Fleshlight made of a clear case and transparent sleeve so you can watch all the action as it unfolds.
  • Fleshlight Blade – it has a squeezable hilt-shaped case with new intense textures to give you a blowjob that’s totally out of this world.

Autoblow 2

This crowdfunded male masturbator machine is the future of realistic vaginas. It needs to be plugged in to get over 500 hours of intense and life-changing pleasure. The Autoblow 2 is so good many people consider it the best pocket pussy in the history of pocket pussies.


This prostrate stimulator is not a vagina toy but is designed to stimulate the prostate. It stimulates your male G-spot to deliver a mind-boggling kind of sexual satisfaction and explosion, sending you to an intensely good night.

Try a realistic vagina yourself today to get firsthand experience of the pleasures it can offer you. Then, go back to the question: is it better than a woman? Surely, you’ll have a slightly different answer to what you might have now.