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Digital Power PumpThe Digital Power Pump is a digital penis pump, best known for helping to enlarge the size of a man's erection. With an already hard erection, the Power Pump helps to draw blood into the penis increasing the size of the erection.

At the same time, the Power Pump can feel amazing too - almost like receiving a blowjob or handjob from another person. The fake pussy toy can be used before or during sexual play with a partner too. Watching your penis grow inside the chamber can be a real turn on for you and your partner.


  • Strong Suction
  • Good Quality Product


  • Ruler is in cm instead of inches
  • Feels too small for men 8" or larger

Best Use:

The Digital Power Pump is essentially designed to aid men in enlarging their erections. Once the penis is hard, put on some lubricant and insert your penis into the pump. It will vacuum seal around the base, and as you pump you can watch the PSI number grow on the digital display and your penis grow larger simultaneously.

The pocket pussy creates a suction around the penis which not only helps to enlarge it, but it can feel amazing too. In fact, it is a similar feeling to that of receiving a blowjob. Use it on your own for masturbation or with a partner for extra fun.

Material / Texture:

A soft and stretchy TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) sleeve keeps a tight seal on the base of your penis allowing for the utmost pressure for the best results. The durable pull-pump is made of flexible plastic to ensure you can get in the most comfortable position during use of the pump.


Starting as low as $53.44

Design / Shape / Size:

The actual penis chamber is 8" x 3" allowing for most penis sizes to fit comfortably inside. The clear casing is important to allow you to watch in amazement as your erection grows. The design is simple enough, but it's the results that really matter, and the results are good.

Functions / Performance / Controls:

When you pump the handle, you will see the PSI (pounds per square inch) indicator on the digital display rise accordingly so you can monitor the pressure on your penis. There is a pressure release button as well for when you need to release and remove your penis.

Care & Maintenance:

To clean, simply remove the batteries and wipe the inside with a moist, soft towel. Sex toy cleaners are available if you want to keep that ‘out of the box' shine. The fake pussy takes 2 N batteries and comes with a free cock ring, lube, pumping cream and toy cleaner.

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