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Best Pocket PussyArtificial pussies may look like real pussies but really, that's where the semblance ends. When you look at the overall picture, you're just basically taking pleasure from a rubber pussy. Or, put simply: a fake vagina.

While artificial pussies might not be the real thing, they do achieve one thing and that is to give you pleasure. It's not all the time that you have a girlfriend or boyfriend who you can have free sex with. There will be days when you will be single and miserable and in need of someone to manhandle your parts. When you can't get that from a person, sure enough, artificial pussies are there to save the day.

And while artificial pussies can serve as a temporary cure for this thing called being horny, questions arise as to whether they are truly safe. After all, even dealing with the real thing can give you a range of sexually transmitted diseases. But can that truly happen with artificial pussies?

The answer lies in how well you take care of your artificial pussies. Basically, don't let other people borrow them or else you'll have what they're having. Also, you should learn how to keep them clean so they not only last long but don't give you any scrapes and bruises too.

In a general sense, yes, artificial pussies are safe BUT only when you know how to properly care for them. So how exactly do you make sure they remain safe?

Practice cleanliness

Bear in mind that you've purchased this item from somewhere and while your trust meter may be high because you did it from the official site, you should still clean the damn thing before sticking your dick into it. Wash it with water and make sure its dry before you use it. There's no point in being all excited and getting yourself some disease because you couldn't practice safe steps to cure your horny feelings.

The same thing goes after you've used a sex toy. You don't just leave it lying around. This isn't like a condom that you randomly flick somewhere in your room after you've done the deed. No - you have to learn the art of cleanliness after some amount of pleasuring.

So, you need to clean the realistic pussy and even store it properly. That way, it will be pleasuring you for a really long time.

Lube importance

Whatever kind of pleasuring device you choose for yourself, the last thing you want is serious cock damage. To avoid that, the solution is pretty simple: don't forget to stock on a lubricant. Heck, even some of these toys come with a free lubricant so please use them to avoid anything happening to your precious.

You see, some dudes have made trips to the emergency room because of friction burns and tears on their foreskin because they failed at Sex Toy Safety 101: use lubrication.

When you're having sex with an actual person, orifices produce natural lubricants of their own. But when you're doing a device, they really don't - at least technology hasn't given us one yet. So before you go insert your shaft into a latex pussy, lube up so you can slip it in safely.

Condom use

Having sex without a condom is dangerous. You can get disease or you can get someone pregnant. Having sex with a pocket pussy is equally dangerous because of the variety of material being used to make them. This is why manufacturers recommend that you still practice the habit of donning a condom even when you're doing a device because the last thing you want is to get a bacterial infection. Sure, you've cleaned the device real good but you don't want to end up in a hospital having to declare that a sex toy caused your misfortune, right?