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Where can I purchase an artificial vagina?Most men who prefer to use an artificial vagina don’t think that going inside a shop and asking for their choices of these makeshift sexual organs is an option. A few men might have the guts to do this, but for those who are shy about it, the best answer to the question “where to buy a rubber vagina” would be on the internet.

Think of buying a realistic vagina online as a minor disguising as an 18 year old to buy beer from a liquor store. It keeps your identity safe, which means that you can’t the save yourself from embarrassment. In other words, no one needs to know that you spend your nights with a latex vagina in hand and pretending you’re making love with a hot and alluring woman.

If you want to purchase an artificial vagina, but don’t know where, read on.

  • RoboticBlowJob - This is an excellent place to start your search. They have the best selection of male sex toys, including latex vaginas, like Fleshlight and AutoBlow 2 at unbeatable rates. You can also find here an impressive array of cockrings, lubricants, strap-ons, dildos, penis pumps, pills and lotions.
  • Fleshlight - The official website of the number one male masturbator in the world is also the official distributor of high-quality silicone vaginas. They also have other adult toys, personal enhancers, male G-spot stimulators, cockrings and more.
  • Autoblow 2 - This innovative artificial vagina is not powered by a battery, but is plugged into a wall socket. This means that you will have hours of endless pleasure without even straining your hands. This is because its stroking action is designed to give utmost satisfaction to anyone who uses it. You can buy this innovative electronic blowjob machine from the official site of its creators.
  • Mangasm - It is a prostate stimulator or massager that every man will love as it is guaranteed to hit your male G-spot, giving you an experience you won’t forget. It’s also safe and definitely not your everyday anal sex toy. They have an official webpage where you can find more information about such product.

Once you have your hands on a realistic vagina, it’s important to keep it clean at all times. This is to ensure that it’s safe to use and that it lasts a long time. Here are a few tips to help you keep your male masturbator clean:

1. Clean after every use.

It is important to make cleaning an artificial vagina immediately after using it a routine. This is to ensure that it lasts and that you can take advantage of it for a long time. To keep it free from germs, use an antibacterial cleaner specifically made for sex toys. Then, rinse it well.

2. Let it dry thoroughly.

Avoid air drying your fake pussy as it can invite bacteria into it because of its warm, moist surface. Instead, use a clean towel or soft cloth to dry it. You can turn it inside out to hand dry.

3. Apply renewer powder.

After drying your artificial vagina, apply renewer powder inside and out. Natural body oils can diminish the quality of your sex toy, causing it to feel tacky.

Don’t use talcum powder in place of the renewer powder. This is because the renewer powder is specifically designed to counteract the effect of natural oils to your mechanical or electronic masturbator.

Nowadays, more and more men have become interested in artificial vagina because of the fact that these masturbation devices can offer sexual pleasure, but without the hassle of a commitment or a woman’s drama. Imagine working a load out every night without the need for long foreplays or even spend money to impress a woman and make her want to get in bed with you.

Using a makeshift sexual organ also means you can give your hand a rest because the rubber vagina will do the job for you. This can also work both ways even with a sexual partner. If you’re someone who needs a little nudge (or a lot) to turn you on, your ladylove won’t need to exert too much effort since you can use the artificial vagina instead. As a result, you’ll both get the sexual satisfaction you have been craving for.