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Vivid Raw Baby Got BackFirst, thing to note about the Vivid Raw line is the packaging. Don’t expect your packaging to be discreet with any item from this line. Frankly, it’s not even tasteful nudity. On the Baby Got Back – this girl is up in doggy style position with her lips spread open for you to see everything. The item is pictured on the front side and everywhere else but the bottom. I really feel like for the price of these items – a discreet packaging that can be used for long-term storage should come with the item because it is hard to find storage for this item and most people do not want a large box hidden in their closet with a naked women on it and clearly stating what the product is.

Upon arrival, the first thing to note is just how heavy the box is. One the side of the box, it says 17lbs of “raw fucking”. Tasteful, huh? This thing is heavy and awkward. You will need to have a place to put this in order to use it. You will not be able to hold it while you use it unless you are sitting down and rock it. It needs to sit somewhere it won’t slide either. The best thing you can have is a Liberator piece like the ramp or wedge.

The “Baby Got Back” has two orifices: an asshole and a vagina. This fake pussy is the mold of a female in doggy style position from just under the cupping of her ass and edge of her curves. Having the curves give you something to grip onto when thrusting inside her. The orifices stretch to allow four of my fingers (6.25″ circumference) and then some with care. Inside the asshole there is some ribbed texture and inside the vagina is some more defined ribbed texture. This baby comes with a standard bullet vibrator. You insert your cock into the orifice of choice and insert the bullet in the hole on the flat bottom or the other orifice.

I’m really into items like these. I love to watch him. I love to help him. He’s not into as much as I am, but this item was different from the usual. Him watching how I enjoyed touching it aroused him just as much as it aroused me watching him. I can’t help but put my fingers inside each of the holes. Playing with each hole. Preparing it for his cock. It’s almost like having another person there. I love the feel of the material. I love how it jiggles. I love how it squishes. It begs to be spanked and fucked.

The material is called “pure skin”. It’s described as ultra life-like. I’d have to agree. It’s really similar to Ur3 or something along those lines. It has that sweet smell. It is really soft and can easily tear. When you leave the material sit for too long, it creates this powdery chalky feel. Any pure skin material is porous. This means it will harbor bacteria and you should probably use a condom especially if more than one person uses this item.

Cleaning this is a pain in the ass. You really need to put it in the shower and use a detachable shower head. I’d recommend using toy cleaner only. You really need to dig down deep into orifices, but in reality – you will never be able to clean this like you need to. You will also never be able to dry it properly without enough space.

You can purchase this item for $283.34. Do I think it is worth it? Yes and no. I’d be more into it if it were silicone and easier to clean. I do like that it comes with a one year warranty.