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VerspankenI'm not sure why there aren't more male sex toy reviewers out there, because there's definitely a need for information about masturbators, prostate massagers, cock rocks, etc.

I love: Big Teaze Toys. I like how this company doesn't take themselves too seriously. These are sex toys we're talking about after all! They make really fun toys like I Rub My Penguin and, today's product in question, VerSpanken.

Go ahead…say it in a German accent. You know you want to. VERSPANKEN!

And the accessory product? They're called FoamWieners and WaterWieners. Cracks me up every time.

About the Product:

Usually this is the area where I would describe what VerSpanken is all about. But the company made a really cute cartoon about it, so check that out instead.

So, basically, this is a masturbator where the end isn't enclosed like a Fleshlight or other type of pocket pussy. You can also easily switch out the inserts (the “wieners”) to get different sensations without buying a completely new toy. The wieners come in three designs (smooth, wavy, and bumpy). The water versions can be chilled or heated. We got a wavy FoamWiener and a smooth WaterWiener to test out.


At first, the toy looks like it was going to be WAY too tight. But there's more give than you think. I snapped it around my bf's cock cowgirl style, and he liked the tightness. My man doesn't have any trouble getting it up, but with VerSpanken, he was definitely rock hard. If I would have kept going with the wavy FoamWiener, I think he would have cum.

We wanted to try the WaterWiener, though, so I stopped to switch out. We just had it at room temp, but my bf said it did feel a little different and he loved the idea of heating it and cooling it next time. We just have to be sure to prep before we play. It's no fun to stop in the middle of a little hanky-panky to microwave your sex toy.

And no batteries, which is a good thing. I don't have to worry about hunting down charged batteries or plugging into the wall, which can really kill the mood as well.

Overall, the best thing about VerSpanken? It's different. There aren't other masturbators on the market out there like this, at least that I know about! If you're a dude, sick of the same old same old, this is a toy you should check out.


VerSpanken isn't perfect. First, it is very tight. If you're a guy with a thicker cock, it might be too tight for you. I'm not sure. Cash is average when it comes to girth, and it was very snug on him. He liked it, but much tighter might have been uncomfortable.

Second, if you aren't prepped to use it before you start to play, it's really going to mess up your flow. The plastic shell is hard to get apart. I had to get Cash to help me because I was getting frustrated. I had lube all over my hands, so my fingers just kept slipping.

You WILL need lube. I don't mean have your partner spit on your cock. I mean, pull out the real made-for-playing lube. Otherwise, the material is going to drag on your cock…as you can imagine, that wouldn't be very comfortable. Needing lube isn't necessary a bad thing, but I did want to make sure I mentioned it so you make sure to stock up. We used some Lelo lube we had on hand, but pretty much any water-based lube would work.

But yeah, make sure you have the wiener in place before you lube up, and be prepared for a little difficulty if you want to switch wieners part way through.


Will we use this toy regularly? Probably not. To be honest, it's just too much work for a little playing. It's not a pick-it-up-and-go type of toy. But that doesn't mean we won't use this toy at all. It's fun to mix things up a little from time to time, and with all the wiener options, you can really customize for your specific mood of the day.

Plus, it's a pretty low investment. Some fake pussy toys are $100+, but you can get the shell with your choice of FoamWiener for just $39.99, and each when you want more wieners, they're only $24.99. It's a fantastic deal for the quality you get from Big Teaze Toys. So, if you're on the lookout for something unique in the male sex toy, this is definitely one to consider!