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Tips on how to clean and store fake vaginas and similar sex toysLet’s face it, when it comes to popular sex toys, fake vaginas are up there with being just as good as the real thing, in fact, some people would go as far as to consider them even better than the real thing. Whatever your preferences, and whatever mood you may happen to be in, one thing that is for certain, is that when it comes to artificial pussies and similar sex toys, discretion and hygiene should both be deeply considered. When buying a pocket vagina or a similar sex toy, a fair amount of people don’t actually consider the health and hygiene aspects, and actually run the risk of making themselves ill and picking up some pretty nasty infections in the process. Cleaning realistic vaginas is not just a case of giving them a quick rinse with cold water every once in a while, and it is not a case of simply cramming them in the back of a cupboard or storing them under an old and dusty mattress either. These toys are expensive, they’re well-made, and they must be looked after properly. This will not only help to prolong their lives, it will also keep them fresh, clean, hygienic, and out of sight in the process. Here are a few tips on how to clean and store fake vaginas and other similar sex toys.

Clean yourself before using them

It doesn’t matter how you plan on using these products, one of the best ways of helping to keep these products clean and sanitary, is to clean yourself before using them. Thoroughly wash your hands, and any other parts of your body that will come in contact with these toys, and make sure you thoroughly dry them before using them. Think about it, any bacteria or substances on your hands, genitals, or anything else that touches these sex toys, could be transferred to the inside of the toy, where they could then breed and multiply. Obviously you don’t need to bathe yourself in bleach, but a quick rinse with hot soapy water, followed by a quick drying off, should do the trick.

Opt for water based lubes

If you do plan on using lubrications, and hey, why wouldn’t you? The best types of lubes to use would be water-based lubes, as these are much more forgiving, both for the skin, and for the material of the sex toys in general. Many fake vaginas are made from a combination of rubbers, plastics, and other similar substances that could react with oil-based lubes. Water based lubes however, are just as pleasurable, are easier to clean, and are much more forgiving on the material of the sex toys themselves.

Thoroughly clean your toy after each use

As disgusting as it may sound, there are people out there that will use their toys as necessary, and will then simply put them away until they feel like using them again, which is obviously far from hygienic. You should always clean your sex toys thoroughly after each time you use them, using specialist cleaning solutions and, if allowed, hot soapy water as well. Read the instructions and see what they have to say about cleaning the products, but the thing you must ensure, is that you are thorough each time you clean it. Don’t just rinse with cold water because that will not kill off all the germs and bacteria and it will not do a good enough job. There are specialist sex toy cleaning solutions out there that are specially designed to be used with fake vaginas, although as mentioned, hot soapy water will also work very well.

Dry your sex toys thoroughly after washing

After washing your realistic fake vagina, or any other sex toys, don’t just give them a quick wipe, make sure you dry them thoroughly. Bacteria can breed in water, and can thrive in cool, dark, moist places, such as the inside of a fake vagina. By drying your sex toy after each washing however, the likelihood of bacteria and damp growing in there is greatly reduced.

Never store sex toys touching each other

If you have more than one sex toy, make sure you space them out and don’t store them so that they are touching one another. This is because they can be made from different materials that could react with one another, so by spacing them apart and ensuring they aren’t touching, this needn’t be a worry.