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Flight PilotThe Pilot is a fake pussy from the Flight series by Fleshlight (named for their flesh-like material and flashlight-inspired cases), designed to be more compact and discreet than their standard range of sex toys.

The packaging is very modern with a metallic blue colour and silver font, and is 8 inches long, 3.5 inches wide and 3.5 inches in depth.

The box has a clear window on the front to display the Pilot, and the sides feature images of the case and inner sleeve, with raised bumps to simulate their texture. I really appreciate little details like this – even the barcode is in the shape of a Fleshlight!

Inside the box are the Pilot masturbator (consisting of a black plastic case and a clear Superskin sleeve), an instruction booklet and a 10 ml sample sachet of Fleshlight’s own-brand water-based lubricant, Fleshlube.

The case of the Pilot is 8 inches long and 3 inches wide, with a circumference of just over 9.5 inches that slims to just over 6.75 inches. The larger end houses the entrance to the masturbator sleeve while the slimmer end twists to vary the strength of the suction by creating a vacuum.

The sleeve has a plushy vortex opening, a stealthier option compared to the more realistic orifices. The case is compatible with Fleshlight Sex in a Can sleeves if you desire a mouth, vagina or anal orifice for your Flight.

Here is what my boyfriend had to say about his experience with this product:

The Flight is in essence an abbreviated Fleshlight, both in name and size. It comes in smaller than the others in the Fleshlight family, although the weight remains much the same. While a smaller case is certainly nicer, the sleek design and barely-there textured grip means that any measure of lubricant will make it impossible to hold onto. I can only advise keeping a tissue handy.

I found that despite this being a smaller Fleshlight it could still easily accommodate my length as well as girth. The larger end of the toy is the point of insertion and appears to simulate an anal opening. The opening itself is rather narrow, followed by a much larger pocket and an even tighter channel afterwards. This makes for a very interesting area of the masturbator, and one I would recommend spending some time to get to know.

After this, it opens up into a longer, more accommodating channel which has many nodules angled towards the entrance. These create an artificial feeling of tightness and resistance, while the nubs can play across your more sensitive areas. It is when you withdraw from this section is when it comes into its own, however, as the nodules are perfectly positioned to flick over the glans and frenulum. Beyond this point the chamber is the same width, with a lightly ribbed texture.

At the narrow end of the case is a suction control cap. I found it best to fully insert myself with the cap open, in order to push any air out, and then tighten it for a stronger vacuum effect before beginning to use the Flight. If the cap is left open even a tiny amount the noise is horrific and any hope of discretion is gone. When using it with a partner the sounds are extremely off putting. Aside from the noise factor, lube also tends to be pushed out the holes which then coat the case, making it very hard to hold onto.

The toy is showing no sign of damage yet, as you would expect from a high-range masturbator such as this.


  • Discreet design
  • High quality
  • Nubby texture
  • Lubricant sachet
  • Waterproof


  • Noisy
  • Slippery grip

Bottom line:

While he has some issues with the design choices made with the case, my boyfriend says the Flight is “a very pleasant experience” overall, “one I will continue to revisit many, many times.”