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Blossom SleeveSex toys for men are not as abundant as those designed for women, which is kind of unfair, considering that we have needs too that have to be met, regardless of the time and place. So, when an actual vag is not available or within reach, an artificial pussy would be a welcome treat. Because I am living with a roommate, however, I needed something discreet and easily concealed. Good thing I discovered the Blossom Sleeve, a handjob helper and a pocket pussy rolled into one. Although it is bright and colorful, its real purpose is not obvious to the naked eye at first glance.

What exactly is Blossom Sleeve?

It is a fake pussy sleeve that resembles a condom, but with a flower-like design at the rim area. So using it basically follows the same concept, you just slip your shaft in and start cranking. The only difference between a regular condom and the Blossom Sleeve is the contoured and textured interior. Its inside is designed to mimic the walls of a vagina, making it one of the most realistic pussies, despite its vibrant color.

What makes it better than the real thing is that it will retain its shape, hold and grip, no matter how often you use it or mimic a thrusting motion. No more sagging or loosening up at some point. Oh, and it won't demand that you hurry it up, which is a real bummer. The Blossom Sleeve will keep you company and treat you to pleasurable heights for as long as you want.

How is it possible that it will wrap around your manhood snuggly? It is made of TPR plastic that is lightweight, flexible and extremely stretchy. Unlike other artificial pussies, it can accommodate different-sized men, while maintaining that comfort and tightness every normal guy needs. It provides a grip that will blow your mind away.

Remember to lube it up. When it comes to using sex toys, lubricants play a vital role. You must lube them up, well and good, to derive as much pleasure as possible. If you are like me, who have been using intimate devices for quite some time, you know how important it is to keep water-based lubricants handy and within reach. Lubes are like the shine to my moon the rise to my sun. Well, you get the picture.

When it comes to the Blossom Sleeve, a generous amount is what you need. As it is made of TPR plastics, you can also use a silicone lube. Just to be safe, stick with the water-based kind, since it will work on a majority of sex toys, from latex pussies to automatic masturbators. Now that the fake pussy is dripping wet, it is time to get it on.

For solo and couples play

Although designed for a solo venture, Blossom Sleeve can be used during couples play as well. Your partner could double the fun by giving you a handjob with the sleeve on. The back-and-forth motion of her hand, combined with the contoured interior of the sleeve pressing all around you, is sure to make your eyes roll in your head and let out an explosion of jizz.

Of course, if there is no actual hand or vag, you can still enjoy that sexual feeling with the Blossom Sleeve wrapped nice, tight and wet around you.

Sometimes, the problem with having an actual partner to give you head, handjob or penetrative sex is that embarrassing moments can be magnified to a point where you just want to vanish into thin air. But when you're playing with yourself, with a pussy toy for company, you won't have to worry about pre-cumming or failing to hold off for an extended period. You can also use it for practice. With a partner who would not complain or shot you down with embarrassing comments, you have an opportunity to improve and perfect your performance in the bedroom. Who knows? The blossom sleeve could be your ticket to becoming a stud.