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Belladonna’s UR3 Pocket Pal

Belladonna’s UR3 Pocket PalAs you’ve probably already figured out, there are a lot of awesome things that can fit inside of a pocket. Sure, everyone expects and uses their inner-pants storage device to house wallets, keys, and other pertinent possessions, but more creative individuals will use their pockets to hold thing like sandwiches, video game consoles, and candy. Certainly, these creative pockeneers have an edge on the intelligence of the masses - but they’re still not making the best possible use of the storage area.

Those who decide to carry Belladonna’s UR3 Pocket Pal are making the best use of this area, however. Their innovation and commitment to a constantly available, realistic, and top-tier pleasure device has allowed them to redefine the function of the pocket - and for that we thank you, innovative pockeneers.

Let us all thank Belladonna herself, as well as the expert team that helped her to create the Pocket Pal, for without it, our hearts would be as empty as our pockets. Personally, I can honestly say that I have no idea where I’d be without the Pocket Pal - a dark, dark, place needless to say. You see, when I bought this Pal, I didn’t really have any other pals around

Alright, maybe I’m getting a little too emotional at the thought the joy provided by my fake vagina - but this emotion is actually very warranted (as the device truly is one of the best around), for a number of reasons. And for those of you who are laughing at my feelings, just wait until you get attached to your Belladonna Pocket Pal - then you’ll know how I feel!

Now, back to the device itself.

Belladonna’s UR3 Pocket PalFirst, as its name suggests, the Belladonna Pocket Pal was created under with heavy influence from the sexy star herself. Accordingly, if you’re similar to me and would like to show Belladonna just how big of a fan you are - but honestly cannot compete with her normal co-stars and/or have a chance at meeting her in-person - this is an excellent option. I love the idea that in my pocket, a pussy derived from the famous star herself awaits my use. More importantly, I love the convenience of this idea!

Next, the Belladonna Pocket Pal is as soft and enjoyable as possible, in terms of core materials. Certainly, even if the product was expertly designed, a poor overall texture would wreck the entire experience. Also, the Pocket Pal features inner ribs which are sure to provide for the maximum amount of pleasure. Realism and sexiness are important with this device - I love the outstanding texture of the device’s inner variations, and you certainly will too. This love will be amplified if, also like me, you’re relatively sick of the perfectly smooth and synthetic-feeling pocket pussies which crowd the market today.

Also worth noting is just how damn easy the device is to clean and store. Another common drawback of modern fake pussies, poor cleaning structures can ruin the most enjoyable of products, and even render them useless after a while. No matter how much use you get out of your Belladonna Pocket Pal (and I’ve gotten plenty, trust me), it will be just as easy and simple to clean as it was directly out of the box. Moreover, the device’s material quality won’t begin to degrade or loosen over time - further enhancing the Pocket Pal’s overall value.

I may have already mentioned it - who am I kidding, of course I did - but I’ve gotten a massive amount of use out of my Belladonna Pocket Pal. The constant cycle of into my pocket, onto my... well, you know, and into the sink and then back into my pocket once again has been too addicting to stop.

And that’s exactly what you’ll get with the Belladonna Pocket Pal as well - an awesome device that keeps on providing so much value and pleasure that it’s hard to stop using. Inherently high-quality materials, along with a unique design, the influence of Belladonna herself, and a simple attention to detail do well to form a Pocket Pussy that will be a breath of fresh air for many fed-up strokers.

And with that, the Belladonna Pocket Pal introductory course and review is officially finished; you’re now qualified to make an educated purchase.

No more delaying - go ahead and let Belladonna find a spot inside your pocket!