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Tenga 3D SpiralA while back, I had gotten into contact with someone who said they would be willing to get me some Tenga 3D samples. Quite a bit of time went by, so I contacted Tenga directly to see if they knew anything about it, since the person had told me they were coming directly from Japan from them. The rep for Tenga was very nice and helpful about everything. They sent word to their contact at Liberator, and Liberator was nice enough to send a couple samples with my last review assignment, the Danger Bustier.

The Spiral pussy toy is one of the two that I received. Reviewing it has taken a while due to some sex-incurred injuries. Missed the target one night, and I ended up bruised and tender for a while. Plus, I have been super-stressed.

Anyway, let’s get down to the review, shall we?

What is the Tenga 3D Spiral?

The Tenga 3D Spiral is part of a line newly launched by Tenga designed to better blend form and function into the perfect discreet pussy toy. From afar, and even up close, one may mistake it simply for a piece of modern art. It has a matte finish and is housed in a display case, making it appear as if it’s some sort of sculpture.

The design used for stimulation is actually the exterior, artistic side of the toy, making it beautifully modern-looking to display. Inside, the masturbation sleeve is very smooth and only offers a slight sensation. Inverting the textured exterior provides a more intense feeling, with its soft texture resembling spiraling staircases. More on how that feels later. I’m just going through the basics right now.


All Tenga 3D masturbation sleeves are made from Ag Antibacterial Elastomer, which makes them soft, squishy, and stretchable. You do not have to worry about phthalates, latex, or any offensive smell. Silver ions are embedded within the material to make it antibacterial and to prevent the buildup of odors.

Elastomer can’t be sanitized, since it’s porous, so you should not share this masturbation sleeve with others. Should you choose to share it with others, never use the toy without first putting a condom on the user.


The Tenga 3D line does come with a sample packet of Tenga’s own lubricant, but it’s in the package and neither of mine were in packages. That being said, I can’t give any information on how their lube is.

You can use water-based lubes or silicone-based lubes with this pussy toy, and you don’t have to only use Tenga’s lubricants.


Both of my pussy toys arrived in poly bags that had the excess bag rolled around the individual sleeve and taped. Tenga 3D sleeves actually come in a case with a stand doubles as storage and a drying apparatus.

I can’t say much about the packaging, since all I was sent was the sleeves. However, here’s an instructional video that should show you what you want to know. It goes over the various designs, what’s included in the package, how to lubricate the toy, how to clean the toy, and how to use the packaging for drying after cleaning and for storage.


The exterior of the Tenga 3D Spiral is rippling spirals, topped with almost what looks to be an origami hexagon. This can be wonderfully stimulating, or it can be too much, depending on the roughness and duration of play. For me, this is great for a normal session of a few minutes, but is too much stimulation for extended play.

Tenga 3D Spiral Textured Exterior

The interior of the pussy toy is smooth and slightly modeled. The inside can be used for masturbation, as well, but will not provide as much stimulation. We don’t use this side, since my husband says it’s not enough stimulation for him.

Something that may be of note: Tenga does say on their website not to use the smooth side as it is not intended for stimulation. I have, however, heard of plenty of people who have used the inside.

Tenga 3D Spiral Smooth Interior

Tenga 3D SpiralAlthough the entry hole is fairly small, the material is very supple and stretchy, making it easy for entry. To the left, you can see the entry hole, when the sleeve is turned with the smooth side out. See how all of the spirals stack and converge?

  • Length: 4 1/2” stretches
  • Fits up to: any size. It’s very stretchy. I can even fit my entire hand in it without any problems.
  • Circumference: 6” stretches
  • Width: 2” stretches
  • Depth: 4 1/2” stretches
  • Weight: 0.4 lb
  • Experience

The Tenga 3D Spiral is very easy to use. Just pick whichever side you want and flip it so that side is on the inside. Pour some lubricant into the inside and around the entry hole, and then insert your penis. Since the entry hole is supple and stretchy, most users should be able to insert themselves without the aid of a second hand.

If you want a tight suction, peel open the entry hole a bit while the pussy toy is on you, or your partner, and squeeze out the air. This actually provides enough suction to trap my fingers inside of the sleeve. I got my thumb stuck in it while messing around with it, and my fingers are small (size 4 wedding ring). Yeah, it provides that much suction. If you get the right amount of air out, it’s almost like a Chinese finger trap toy.

Because of the ribbed spiraling design of this sleeve, different motions produce different sensations. Try slowly rotating the sleeve around the penis in a corkscrew fashion; it’s perfect for teasing before any real action.

One of the most important things I can think of to say is to wipe your hands of all lube and don’t get any on the outside of the sleeve, no matter which texture you’re using, before you try to jack off. If you get the outside slippery, there’s no way you’ll be able to hold onto this for long. The package does come with a tray to hold the sleeve while you wipe your hands off, but I don’t have that luxury.

Since the end is closed off, though, you won’t have to worry about any mess. All the lube and cum stays contained until you’re ready to wash it.

Cleaning & Storage

While inverting the Tenga 3D Spiral under running water, wash off the exterior and interior. You can use body soap, but refrain from using any soap with high acid or alkaline content since they may erode the elastomer. Wipe off any excess water from both sides and stand the Tenga 3D Spiral - textured side facing out - half-way along the stand to dry.

Once dry, place the Tenga 3D Spiral all the way down the stand and replace the clear plastic cover. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Tenga states that sunlight can damage and discolor the sleeve.


What can I say, other than I’m a sucker for the design? The Tenga 3D line really struck a cord when I first saw them. Finally, a beautiful and discreet masturbation sleeve complete with its own display case!

Maybe it’s because I love the designs, storage, and general concept so much, but I really think Tenga might be starting a revolution in the way pussy toys are made. So many vibrators and dildos are fit for display, but pussy toys have often had to be stuffed away and hidden. It’s nice to see them as a functional piece of art now. Plus, the artistic design makes it non-threatening for those who may be sensitive about bringing other genitalia, even though fake, into their relationship.

Since I like the texture of the Tenga 3D Spiral, I wouldn’t mind looking into the rest of the line. I also wouldn’t mind having cases for my review samples, but I’m just happy I got to try them out.

Tenga by Liberator

Tenga, if I may suggest one thing, though? Even though it’s in small writing, having “new concept hole” on the display package takes away from how discreet it could be. It’s just a little suspicious, if you ask me. Otherwise, love the direction your products are going in!