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Oh! ringsUpon arrival, I was greeted by a petite box, which illustrates the cock-ring on the front of the box, with ‘Lovehoney, the sexual happiness people’ and the product name ‘oh! rings’. There is also a quirky slogan on the front-bottom of the box, saying ‘look darling, no hands‘. I personally thought this was a nice touch to the product packaging. Turning the box over, it states that this product is long lasting at 35 mins, strong vibrations with a unique way of stimulating. There is nothing crude about the packaging.

This product is made from skin-safe rubber, which does not contain latex or phthalates. The box provides you with 2 love-rings, which are wrapped in protective and seal proof wrapping, once side being see-through so that you can see the product, the over side is made from silver foil.

The oh! ring feels rubbery, which is expected, so there is no surprise there. On either side of the ring are extended points with raised bumps in the rubber. On the underside end of the ring is a thin tube shaped piece of rubber, which would sit under a man’s undercarriage. The non-removable bullet has a raised area on it with more small bumps.

The actually bullet can be removed but this product has only been designed to be used once (making it a disposable product), before disposing of it accordingly (remove the battery part from the fake pussy toy. The battery can be placed in a specialized battery recycling bin or you can just place both in a normal bin).

To operate the bullet is pretty simple, there is a raised dial at one end, which allows you to control the speed of vibrations. There is only 1 type of vibration but the speed starts with a gentle vibration, going through the levels of strength, the strongest vibration is something to experience, whilst in use. It rivals the strength of single speed bullets but double the please, from the wing type points on either side of the ring.

Whilst testing out this new product, I found that when the man is pressed up hard against you, you feel the tingling sensations of these wing designs, however, I hardly felt them during normal penetrative sex. The raised area on the bullet part of the ring felt amazing, whether he was pressed up against me or when he was thrust. I was pretty pleased with the experienced that the BASIC love-ring from Lovehoney gave me (that was a simple vibrating cock ring) but with this raise lumped area, it felt amazing. The bullet bump hit the right spot on my clitoris, with every motion. It had me hitting my orgasm in next to no time.

Although the information on the packaging states ’35 mins’ for its lasting time, we found that the 2 rings provided in the box differed. 1 lasted 40 mins, the other last 20 mins before the power started fading.

I would assume that the patent-protected design with this ring is the raised areas and the wings, which I find as a unique aspect, pretty pleasing.

The experience for the man was pleasant, in his own words;

I was happy to help road test this product. I’ve only tried 2 types of cock rings before, 1 was a normal band, and the other was a Basic vibrating cock ring by lovehoney. I wasn’t too impressed with them but the vibrating cock-ring was a better experience for me. Once Mrs JoJo placed the ring around the base of my penis and turned it on, I experienced sensations that I’ve rarely felt before. The wings on the side of the ring, when vibrating, were rubbing up against my shaft, the little piece of rubber sat neatly on my undercarriage.

If I’m honest, I wouldn’t need to penetrate a woman, for this ring to work its magic. It seems to tickle all the right areas for me. My mind has been changed about cock-rings and I am hoping that once these are made available on the lovehoney website, that I can purchase a few more.

The only thing I can think of suggesting is that the side wings are made a bit longer and the same goes for the pole bit that goes on the under carriage. Apart from that, I have no issues with this product.


We both liked this product, with no big complaints. It was agreed that the winged areas could be made bigger and that the lack of actual product ingredients on the box was a small let down. Yes, it does state latex/phthalates free and skin safe but what if someone needed to know what else was involved? It would be nice to know but that to me, is a personal preference not a design floor. The packaging is small, pleasant and informative.