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There are quite a few overall types of fake pussies, but four broad categories of the units exist. Each has its own drawbacks and benefits (relating to both use and pricing), so it’s important to consider all of these before making the purchase. Without further ado, here are the four main types of fake pussies:

Realistic fake pussiesRealistic fake pussies are designed to, as their title suggests, provide users with the most realistic experience possible. From their materials to their feel, and just generally, these units will make you happier than the real thing (alright, that may be a bit much, but realistic fake pussies are just that - realistic). These are a must for anyone who is hesitant about buying a fake pussy due to their perceived “lack of realism”.

Vibrating fake pussies, as their name also suggests, provide users with the same basic sensation as other pussy types, except that a carefully designed vibration feature has been integrated into their models. From slow to fast and every speed in-between, the vibration features behind this type of device will provide users with an absolutely moving experience (I couldn’t resist). Vibrating fake pussies are a great option if you’re in the market for something entirely different from a normal sex experience, as the last time that I checked, real vaginas are unable to vibrate!

Perhaps the most expensive type of fake pussy, pumping models are entirely hands-free, and operate with the use of an air pump to varying speeds and frequencies, based upon the inputs of the user. From a slow, deliberate warm-up, to a rapid-speed movement, pumping fake pussies are favorites for their quality and ease of use. These hands-free style and easily changeable speeds are enjoyed by most every fan, and certainly are considerable benefits of the type of fake pussy. This is a model-type worth considering for anyone who is interested in a realistic and variable sensation - and also has a bit of extra funding.

Stroking fake pussies are designed for the man who enjoys a good stroke - plain and simple. Coming in a variety of models and variations, this type of fake pussy requires users to manually work - in exchange for an unprecedented (and more slippery and realistic) quality of materials, which many absolutely rave about. You should check out a stroking fake pussy if you’re most interested in overall realism and quality of sensation, in comparison to the real thing (realistic fake pussies, for as good as they are, cannot use the same materials as stroking device, due to a higher slippage rate).

Smaller, newer (and perhaps undeveloped) models of fake pussies do exist, often as a hybrid between a combination of these main categories. These devices may very well be the fake pussies of the future, but as it stands, they may also be flops; the previously listed and described types of fake pussies have been tested and proven time and time again, by industry-leading companies and professionals. In addition, the pricing of these hybrid models, given their relative rarity and newness, is often through the roof - especially for your first purchase, you’re better off buying from an established company that makes products in an established category.

And to finish the section off, perhaps there is one model of fake pussy that’s so incredibly awesome that it deserves its own section….the Autoblow 2!

In all seriousness, the AB2 does quite a bit to stay ahead of the competition - both in terms of quality and innovation. From the wall-powering feature to the general design and materials, to THE MINIATURE MOTOR WHICH POWERS THE UNIT (yes, you read that correctly - it surprises and impresses me as well), it certainly does a lot to impress customers. In addition to this, the Autoblow 2 is available at a price much cheaper than those of many other, inferior devices.

Perhaps the best category to classify the AB2 in is the “Affordable, innovative, reliable, and pleasurable fake pussy”. For now, the “category” may contain only one device, but there’s a good chance that the Autoblow 3 will be developed sometime in the future (or so I dream).

But that’s certainly further down the road, and for now we have the incredible Autoblow 2 - as well as several other categories and models of awesome fake pussies - to enjoy.