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This is a question most commonly asked by the cheapest - I mean economical - of potential customers, who have trouble letting go of a penny, let alone several dollars (I meant to say that they’re very careful with their money): what are some of the differences between expensive and fake pussies?

There are quite a few different angles and sides to this question’s answer - each of which will need to be considered by potential customers.

Cheap Fake Pussies

Cheap Fake PussiesFirst, they are obviously much more affordable in terms of immediate dollars and cents. This is great if you’re in the market for an introductory fake pussy, a fake pussy to give as a present to someone you like (but don’t like enough to buy a really expensive gift), and/or are just looking for something to use occasionally, in coordination with a relationship or other steady stream of sexual activity.

Next, cheap fake pussies are nice in that cleaning and storing them isn’t as big of a deal as it is with other, more expensive fake pussies. Frankly, some people just aren’t very good and/or interested in cleaning fake pussies. With a multi-hundred dollar investment, this might be a really bad thing - but with a cheap fake pussy, it really isn’t that big of a deal. If you or someone you know can’t be trusted to maintain a fake pussy, a cheap model is a good option.

Finally, cheap fake pussies may be your early ticket to the next big thing. Breaking into the fake-pussy market of today isn’t easy, so say the least. To get their products rolling and promotion started, many companies will initially sell their devices for prices that are much lower than what they will be in the near future. If you purchase a fake pussy from a relatively new company (or from an established company that is marketing new products), there’s a good chance that you could also be buying yourself one ticket to “Future Fake Pussy Island” as well.

Expensive Fake Pussies

Expensive Fake PussiesExpensive fake pussies - and I’m talking in the $700 and up range - might be costly, but they do provide customers and users with some notable benefits. I’ll mention it again below, but just in case you miss it there: MORE EXPENSIVE DOESN’T ALWAYS MEAN BETTER. I mean that in the nicest possible way, too - there really is nothing worse than dropping a large sum of money on a piece of junk, and when you purchase an expensive fake pussy; research thoroughly!

Back on-track, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of high-quality fake pussies that are expensive in price.

First, expensive fake pussies are more durable and long-lasting than cheap fake pussies. The added cost of expensive units allows for more money to be spent on high-quality designs and materials - which of course enhances the unit’s usage span. This is a notable benefit for anyone interested in a long-term device (although, even some expensive fake pussies break - it’s important that you perform an ample amount of research before making the purchase).

Next, expensive fake pussies provide customers with additional customizability options, in many instances. Because it would be economically unwise for companies to sell expensive fake pussies that cannot be altered or added-on to (as customers are more likely to purchase attachments for their current device then they are a new, expensive fake pussy model), customers are afforded with a ton of additional options, which include everything from handles to suction cups, as well as a ton of other choices.

Finally, expensive fake pussies may provide users with more pleasure. Simply put, a company that has nearly one thousand dollars to work with per sold unit will be much more equipped to provide a quality product than a company that receives fifty dollars per sale. However, as is the case with every positive on this list, this one depends greatly upon the manufacturer and model of the fake pussy at-hand.

There are both benefits and drawbacks to cheap and expensive fake pussies, but the situation isn’t quite as black and white as you may be thinking; units which aren’t incredibly cheap, and aren’t anywhere near being incredibly expensive, often provide users with the most possible pleasure and value. Among these options is the Autoblow 2 - I’m not kidding when I say that, for the money, you won’t find anything better. Countless customer testimonials and reviews can back me up (though if you want, I can send you a screenshot of all the online orders of the Autoblow 2s I’ve bought for my friends, because they’re that good).

In the next question, I’ll take a look at just why you should go ahead and purchase a fake pussy that isn’t cheap. While they are perhaps worth it in the above situations, there are certainly a great number of considerable reasons why you should skip the cheap units and treat yourself to something a little more expensive (finding a ton of additional value, use time, and pleasure in the process).