Ebony fake pussies seem to be all the rage today. Do you think I should buy one?

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That's a question that I simply can't answer for you, my friend. There are two golden, irrefutable, always-true guidelines in the fake pussy world that should always be adhered to: never use another man's fake pussy and never tell another man what fake pussy he should buy.

Suggestions, comments, reviews, and your experiences are all acceptable and helpful things to relay to others, especially if he's in the market for a device. But, telling this person outright that he “should definitely buy this fake pussy” is completely disrespectful. Moreover, he will most certainly not buy the “recommended” device after this.

Yes, ebony fake pussies are awesome. Really awesome.

Ebony Fake PussyAccordingly, I can say that ebony fake pussy is awesome. In addition to making use of many of the same, ultra-durable and pleasurable materials that all other fake pussies do, ebony fake pussies are often molded for realism and additional pleasure from the dimensions of a real-life model. This means that your favorite ebony adult star may very well have an official, licensed, and proportionally sized product available for your enjoyment right now.

As for the aforementioned materials and styles of today's fake pussies, I can also assure you that they are awesome. The most advanced plastics and material combinations are utilized, based upon the results from extensive user testing (imagine being the lucky worker whose job it is to test the fake pussies of tomorrow!). The point is that a near-perfect selection and proportion of materials has been tested and identified, and you can rest assured that the fake pussies of today are accordingly sensual and durable.

In conclusion, the larger point being made here is that you should absolutely buy an ebony fake pussy if you're interested in a specific model. But, it's important to not go out of your way to buy a device just because of its ebony style; this doesn't guarantee quality, and you'd probably be better off purchasing from an industry leader if you're uninterested or unable to perform a bit of research.

I had a friend who jumped into an ebony fake pussy purchase, only to pay the price - both for the device itself and otherwise.

Greg paid for his eagerness to own an ebony fake pussy.

This particular buddy, Greg, had (and still has) a select few adult-film stars who he follows passionately. He rarely admitted new stars to his list of favorites, but the ones who enjoyed a spot in this exclusive group were benefitted with a guaranteed lifetime of following from Greg (this was great while the stars were acting, but it turns out this fandom wasn't quite so appreciated after they retired; this story, completely separate from this one, is best left for another time).

In any case, Greg had of course heard all the rage about ebony fake pussies on the forums and from me. Evidently, so did one of his favorite ebony stars (whose name will be omitted for legal reasons) as she announced that a specially molded ebony fake pussy derived directly from her private parts was to be released.

Immediately, Greg pre-ordered his unit and waited patiently for it to arrive in the mail. I still remember the day that he called me, when he was opening the package; I have yet to see a grown man as excited as he was. Everything was set to be great, just Greg and his favorite ebony adult-film star forever and ever - .

Except it broke.

Right after he took the unit out of the box and used it as a box for his own unit, it simply fell apart. The vibration feature appeared to be going haywire, and it turned out that it was; the entire device fell apart, and was unusable.

Now, when I told you about Greg's exclusive adult-favorites list, I failed to mention that it went both ways; the amount of respect that he forwarded to its exclusive members he expected back in respect. He took his favorite ebony star's shitty device as a personal slight against him (when really, it was just a slight against anyone interested in paying money for her product!).

Greg didn't fight with this star or complain incessantly, but rather fell into a deep depression. I'm talking black hole, call me up at three in the morning to have someone to talk to deep. Of course, I didn't feel like seeing my friend hurt or dealing with his pain, so I phoned the star that he bought the device from - or, that's what I tell people. Really, it was just her manager (whose number was very easy to find).

Long story short, I told him about the product, he told me that it was a counterfeit and unlicensed device, and I told Greg all of this to bail him out of his slump. He's never been better!

The moral of the story: ebony fake pussies are great, but you should still research before buying!