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CocksheathBad Dragon Cocksheath is probably something you look at and think “what is that and what is it for?” That is, unless you are familiar with fake pussies.

Cocksheath is used to add girth to your partner and/or sex toy. When used with a male anatomy – the cocksheath can also work as a cock ring helping prolong erections. Due to the fact that the circulation is being restricted. This also means that you won’t want to wear this longer than 15-20 minutes at a time.

Naturally, if you are using it on a dildo – there is no time limit as you don’t have to worry about restricting blood flow. It doesn’t matter if the dildo has balls or not because the ball ring can wrap around the shaft instead, or you can decide not use it at all.

Cocksheath is made of Bad Dragon’s silicone. There is only a single firmness for Cocksheath which is unlike most Bad Dragon toys. This silicone is soft and squishy. If I had to compare it to something…I’d say a gummy bear. It’s thin, but thick enough to hold up to wear and tearing. You will want to be gentle with putting it on because silicone can tear easily if over stretched. There is a lot of drag to this silicone, which makes lube a MUST. The silicone collects everything it touches.

Silicone is a non-porous, semi-organic polymer that is the best of the best when it comes to soft materials!

Cocksheath is a penis sleeve that is textured on the outside with faint ridges aside from the underside having large nubs. Attached to the end of sleeve is a single ring.

The sleeve is 4.5" long with a 1" diameter; however, it’s able to handle both my hands inside the sleeve, which is a 9" circumference or 2.86" diameter. The ring has a 1" diameter, but stretched enough for me to put on my wrist, which is a 7" circumference or 2.22" diameter.

All Bad Dragon toys come mailed in a discreet box with a discreet label from Arizona. Inside you will find your item wrapped in tissue paper along with a few swag items. The actual item has no packaging, but comes sealed inside a plastic bag.

Silicone items like this can be care for in the following ways due to the lack of a motor.

  1. Top rack of the dishwasher
  2. 10% bleach with 90% water
  3. Boiling in large sauce pan for 3-5 minutes
  4. Toy cleaners
  5. Antibacterial soap and warm water

If you are using this on a male partner and it’s being inserted into another partner – you should clean it with one of the 2 or 3 methods afterwards especially if you plan to use it with multiple partners. This is because these are the only methods to completely sterilize your SILICONE sex toys.

  • I wouldn’t recommend using this with condoms because it would cause friction that could cause the condom to break, which would defeat the purpose of using a condom.
  • Don’t use this item for prolonged periods of time because you are restricting blood flow!
  • Don’t try to use this item without lube and a lot of it too because it will likely result in both partners being uncomfortable and possibly injured.

My boyfriend is such a trooper. Last night, I knew I was going to be writing this review, so I asked him to model the item for everyone. It’s nice to see it on a dildo sure, but what about a person, you know? The terms were I had to start and finish the job, but it was worth it!

My boyfriend is actually larger than average size male. Measuring 7.75" in length and 1.83" in diameter. As you can see - Cocksheath stretches over the shaft allowing mostly the head to pop. The ring wraps around the testicles limiting movement squeezing them together.

My boyfriend is very weird about items like this. He is not a huge fan of having this around his testicles. He even screamed and jumped while I wrapped it around them. They’re sensitive! However, he didn’t seem to mind Cocksheath when we used it together.

We did use a lot of lube. And I mean a lot. The grabby silicone will cause friction when thrusting, so if you aren’t well lubricated…you could be up tearing or being rubbed raw, which is not something either of us wanted. So, a lot of lube was applied. You want to go with a thin, but long-lasting lube.

For me, I loved the Cocksheath. I have to work up to being about to insert my boyfriend normally, so we started like normal. Fingers. Oral. Small toys. Intercourse. And then moved onto the Cocksheath. I love a full feeling paired with thrusting and texture. Cocksheath is a way to have all three in the most realistic way.

I didn’t notice him last longer than usual because usually he can outlast me. Luckily erections aren’t difficult, but actual climax requires total muscle control, so he doesn’t always get there easily.

We enjoy our Cocksheath. It was the first type of toy we used like this before. You can purchase Cocksheath for $70.00.